Archant Porcelain

New Thickness: 20mm Archant Porcelain for your benchtop

Archant Porcelain is now available in three thicknesses, 6, 12 and 20 mm.

The 20mm Porcelain allows you to create a thick beautiful benchtop without the added time and cost of building up a mitred edge. This is a cheaper and faster option allowing you to turn around projects quickly and more effectively.

Benefits of Archant Porcelain

Porcelain benchtops are growing in popularity across New Zealand for their outstanding features and benefits in kiwi homes.

  • Porcelain has exceptional heat and scratch resistance which makes it an excellent surface to use as a benchtop, especially around cooktops, and for vertical surfaces, such as splashbacks.

  • Porcelain is resistant to UV rays, which allows it to retain its full colour throughout its lifetime. This makes it a great option for outdoor benchtops like BBQ areas.

  • Archant Porcelain slabs are large format, making them a great option for long island benchtops. Available in up to 1600x3200mm.

  • Archant Porcelain is available in a variety of thicknesses from 6mm for splashbacks and wall cladding to 20mm for benchtops. The thinner slabs can even be installed as drawer-fronts for a unique aesthetic. For benchtops, Archant porcelain can have an unsupported overhang of between 150-300mm depending on the application.

  • Some Archant Porcelain products are available in A & B slabs allowing you to book match mitred edges and splashbacks. This creates a seamless and continuous pattern between surfaces.

Archant Porcelain

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