Archant Porcelain
The Ultimate Kitchen Benchtop Surface for
Designers by Florim Stone

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Archant Porcelain is large format porcelain stoneware for benchtops, splashbacks and other decorative surfaces. Lightweight, versatile and with an extremely high aesthetic impact, Archant Porcelain opens up new frontiers in design environments, ensuring maximum freedom of expression.

Why choose Archant Porcelain for your benchtop?

Stone Benchtop

Marble Calacatta Gold Porcelain, View Project.


Durable and Heat Resistant Stone Benchtop

Porcelain stoneware is a mixture of natural materials pressed and subjected to a firing process at over 1200°C. This makes the surface resistant to wear, mechanical stress and thermal stress; even from the hottest pans. It is a material that caters to your every culinary experiment as even the failed ones clean up easily.

Our Archant Porcelain does not contain resins, is hygienic and is entirely safe in contact with any food. The colour does not change over time and the surface is scratch free.

Porcelain Benchtop and Porcelain splashback

Marble Marquinia Porcelain, View Project.


Colour and Size Options for Ultimate Versatility

Single colour, the texture of stone, the elegance of marble or the extravagance of metal. Now with Archant Porcelain, a single surface can bring all the elements of the kitchen together with style and practical functionality.

This revolutionary surface offers the widest range of choices, guaranteeing attention to detail, stylistic research and tailoring. Thanks to two different available thickness choices and three textures, Archant Porcelain truly allows the modern day designer the versatility and freedom of customisation.

Project Series

Marble Calacatta Gold Porcelain, View Project.


Porcelain for your Kitchen Design Project

Archant Porcelain sheets revolutionize the concept of continuous surfaces by providing large sheet sizes while still maintaining lightweight and versatile qualities. The result, a cohesive and continuous surface that caters to the most demanding of designs and applications.

With sizings at 1600x3200mm and in thicknesses in 6mm and 12mm, this ultra-compact surface combines its lightweight and versatile feature with technical and aesthetic performance that is the result of some of the most advanced production technologies in the world.

Advantages of Porcelain Stoneware


Ultra-high heat resistance.

The hottest pans from your hob will never be an issue as Florim Stone is resistant to thermal stress and ultra-high temperatures. No need for a hot mat again.


Guaranteed to never fade.

Florim Stone is colour stable, due to its use of proven digital manufacturing processes. It will maintain it’s appearance over its entire life span.


Superior stain resistance.

Florim Stone porcelain stoneware is a mixture of natural raw materials, so it does not stain or yellow as it contains no resins.


Exceptional scratch resistance.

Using a sophisticated blend of natural raw materials and proprietary technologies, Florim has created a near unscratchable kitchen surface.


Limitless possibilities.

Large format slabs (3200 x 1600mm) in 6 and 12mm thicknesses means you can consider all of your kitchen’s components, fully customized to your style.


The ultimate in practicality.

Due to it's non porous nature, cleaning up day to day spills is simple and easy. It is also food safe, hygienic, and does not require sealing.


Perfect for the outdoors.

Ultra violet (UV) rays do not damage, change the colour or fade Florim Stone. This makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Lifetime peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes as standard with Archant Porcelain. Not only is it produced to the highest possible standards it also offers a lifetime warranty.

Cement Collection

For those who love essential design and are looking for the safety and functionality of porcelain stoneware. Cement Light Grey (the closest colour to common cement) has a classic matte finish. The dark grey colour however is characterized by a velvet surface which creates a slightly wavy structure and texture to touch. It is an almost imperceptible movement that gives the material great depth and makes it pleasant to touch.

Cement Collection available in 12mm and 6mm.

Colour Collection

Clean colour that play with the elements. The single colour is an easy choice for those who have already decided on a colour palatte for their space, as well as for those who need time and prefer to provide colour using the furnishing elements. In any situation, Archant Porcelain for your kitchen benchtop provides the certainty of continuity over time. It fears neither heat nor stains and it does not yellow because it contains no resins.

Colour Collection available in 20mm,12mm and 6mm.

Stone Collection

Vintage, elegant, modern, essential - the most recent stylistic trends find their own furnishing finish in the proposed stones without any functional compromises. Thanks to the production specifications of porcelain stoneware, the material provides high technical performance that stands up to a comparison to natural stone. It has no fear of stains, heat or scratches, it does not change colour and it is easy to maintain.

Stone Collection available in 12mm and 6mm.

Metal Collection

For those who want a personal, modern and immediately recognizable space.A metal effect, available in two colour schemes, gives the kitchen a note of creativity for those seeking unique furnishing choices.

Metal Collection available in 12mm and 6mm.

Marble Collection

The most precious and modern marble essences endowed with new functionality. Archant Porcelain marble collection is set to dominate the space with elegance and uncompromising functionality. Imposing porcelain stoneware sheets interpret these unusual yet precious marble essences which are extremely difficult to find, especially in such large formats.

Marble Collection available in 12mm and 6mm. Marble Statuario and Marble Calacatta Gold are also available in 20mm. Marble Breach, Marble Eternal Gold, Marble Statuario, Marble Calacatta Gold, Marble Calacatta and Marble White available in A & B slabs to book match and create seamless transition onto a splashback.

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