Archant Quartz 2020

Designed to enhance your interior space, Archant Quartz is a quality engineered stone range for kitchen benchtops featuring on-trend colours, backed with uncompromising durability and hygienic qualities.


Our Series

Ultimate Series

Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Series is, as the name suggests, the ultimate in colour and texture choice for those who appreciate luxury and opulence. Inspired by the beauty of stone, this collection also features a textured matte finish to add an additional design element.

The colours and shades available are all designed to make an immediate visual impression – they are the feature elements in any space, whether applied in the kitchen, bathroom or any other internal room. Carefully curated in light and dark tones, the Ultimate Series contains 17 colour options, all available in jumbo slab sizes of 3200mm x 1600mm and thickness of 20mm with two also available in 30mm thickness.
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Impressions Series

Impressions Series

The Impressions Series is for those who value quality and choice and includes a range of six tones that are designed to create a cohesive aesthetic throughout the interior of the home. Built on the idea of contrasting palettes, the Impressions Series juxtaposes light and dark shades in alternating bases and patterns for the widest possible application options.

Warm and welcoming hues sit against strong monochromatic finishes that make this range one of the most refined offerings on the market. Most colours in the series are available in slabs of 3050mm x 1400mm and a thickness of 20mm but some are available in jumbo sizes of 3200mm x 1600mm, and thickness of 20mm or 30mm.
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Project Series

Project Series

The Project Series contains seven designs in stunning whites, deep browns, greys and blacks. Inspired by the natural world, this collection enhances any interior colour scheme whether you seek a vibrant contrast or a clever complement. The design choices range from sleek pearls and whites with delicate flecks in creams and golds to concrete-like greys and shimmering blacks.

The Project Series is a budget conscious compilation of options and is available in jumbo slab sizes of 3200mm x 1600mm, and thicknesses of both 20mm and 30mm. Ideal for a variety of kitchen styles, the colours, shades and tones of the Project Series are equally at home in a range of internal applications.
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Features and Benefits

12 year warranty

Peace of mind comes as standard with Archant Quartz. Not only is it produced to the highest possible standards it also offers a 12 year warranty.

Food safe

As Archant Quartz is a nonporous surface and resists stains, when properly cleaned, it does not allow the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria ensuring a perfectly food-safe benchtop to prepare food on.


Archant Quartz is sourced from responsible manufacturers mainly from Italy who are not only famous for their design and quality but for their environmental consciousness. The factory is GREENGUARD Gold Certified for low emissions.


The most advanced manufacturing process is used to produce Archant Quartz, a truly durable Italian surface. The process includes, sourcing the finest ground quartz, combining with natural resins and compacting to a strong and durable slab.

Stain resistant

Archant Quartz is a non-porous surface due to advanced manufacturing process where natural resins are used to seal the surface. This makes the surface highly resistant staining from daily household products such as coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar and makeup.

Scratch resistant

Quartz is one of nature’s hardest materials, so using a blend of this raw material and compacting at Santamargherita’s advanced manufacturing plant creates a benchtop surface with exceptional scratch resistance.



Ultimate Series

Veined Oyster Glacier Nova Pearl Grey Virginia Vittoria White Fusion White Fusion Taupe Fusion Grey Fusion Black Metropolis White Metropolis Beige Metropolis Brown Metropolis Grey Metropolis Dark Metropolis Oyster Metropolis Steel Metropolis Copper Metropolis Galaxy

Impressions Series

Serene Trace Celestial White Zenith Vega Ardenne 

Project Series

Venetian Sleet Ivory Sleet Glacier White Alpine Grey Storm Grey Basalt Grey



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Product changes & supersessions

A selection of our 2019 Quartz range will be superseded by the updated and trending colours in our 2020-21 range. We have prepared a Range Transition document to assist with your projects. Product cessation will occur as stock becomes unavailable.

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