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What is the Vercelli extrusion handle range?

The Vercelli range is range of extrusion handles. Being designed with New Zealand families in mind, the profile is elegant yet backed up with functional performance once installed.

The Vercelli is available in four finishes with Brushed Nickel, Anodised, White and Matt Black. We have a Brass finish coming in April 2020 to further complement this range.

This extrusion profile has a top and center profile to allow you to use it for both top and middle cabinetry drawers. End and corner caps are also available to cleverly disclose any gaps.
The range can also be used both horizontally and vertically.

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Kitchen Extrusion brass handlesVercelli Top in Brushed Brass featured

3 tips when using Vercelli in your design

1. Choose finishes that complement

Being available in Brushed Nickel, Anodised, White, Matt Black and now Brass, the Vercelli provides you with a colour range to die for.

You can use the white Vercelli with white cabinetry to emphasize a clean-white effect or get luxe with brass and black. (Brass Vercelli and Marble Marquinia looks amazing!)

Then of course you can complement any Fisher & Paykel appliances by using the Brushed Nickel to keep that nickel colour consistent through the kitchen.

2. Emphasize the linear lines

By using Vercelli throughout the entire kitchen allows you create an effortless and sophisticated look.

The horizontal lines can also help link different spaces together such as the bar and kitchen. Opting for this handleless design also creates a streamlined flow of kitchen units that’s beautiful as well as efficient.

The resulting look is chic, clean and clutter-free.

3. Use in the bathroom on bespoke vanities or cabinetry

To create a truly unified and cohesive home, the Vercelli range can be used throughout the entire home.
Cabinetry in the laundry can be matched with the kitchen and the Vercelli range can also be used on bathroom vanities to keep the cabinetry fronts clean and clear.
This is also a safety feature as it removes the danger of catching clothing or knocking limbs.

Ultimately, extrusion handles are providing another option for the homeowner when building or designing their kitchen.
The Vercelli gives as added advantage by giving the user more cabinet space in the behind to grip without compromising on the sophisticated look of clean and uncluttered cabinetry.
The Vercelli, available in a range of finishes is the ultimate extrusion handle.

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