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"Use an Archant surface + one other product"

To be eligible to enter the Archant Kitchen of the Year 2019 Competition, all designs must incorporate an Archant surface and at least one other Archant product into the kitchen. Browse our wide range of products on offer today!

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Competition Details

Competition Details


Submissions Close: After first 30 entries



   Our Judges are a panel of notable, New Zealand recognized Designers


Terms & Conditions:

This competition is under the terms and conditions provided by Archant. The conditions of entry involve the contestant entering a kitchen design that features at least one Archant surface from our range of engineered stone and Florim Stone and at least one other product from our range of tapware, sinkware, handleware, accessories or waste systems. The approved products used in the kitchen must be solely distributed and purchased through Archant Ltd to qualify for entry. Submissions must include design plans, a specification list and a design description detailing the design and story behind the project. Other important but not conditional items that should be included into the portfolio submissions are CAD files, high quality photographs, project progress photographs and/or video files of the project. Archant Ltd reserves the right to use any content that is submitted (including design plans, images, video footage, CAD files or similar) for marketing purposes for Archant. Archant reserves the right to legally own any content that is submitted with this competition. Archant Ltd reserves the right to change or modify the competition details at any time. The judging process will be co-ordinated by Archant personnel but judged external stakeholders anonymously. The judges decision is final and the awarding process will be at the discretion of the judges.(Note: If you are unable to get high quality photographs and/or video footage of the project, please reach out to the Archant Marketing team at We may be able to provide support in this area.)