Archant Update - June 17th, 2019


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New Edge Straight Handle Finishes!

We’ve released Beige, Grey and Anthracite finishes for the Edge Straight handle. These will be stocked as part of our Extra Choice range however we still have our 9 other Edge Straight finishes in stock. Order your Edge Straight brochure today!

Asphalt Granite Sinks for Kitchen Image

Asphalt granite sinks - It's the New Black!

Asphalt is the new black! Moody greys that replicate concrete create a stunning feature for your kitchen. Our granite sink ranges are also available in alpina (white) and nero (black) finishes.

Florim NZ Bookmatched Marble Countertop for Kitchen Image

Book-matching with Florim Stone

Our Marble collection from Florim Stone is beautiful in large areas for book matching. This ensures the veining of the marble is kept consistent through a kitchen benchtop, on large cladding areas on from the countertop up along the splashback. And, Florim Stone, has very thin grout lines!

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