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Kitchen Marble Laurent Moodboard with Brass Handles

Moodboard of the Month with Marble Laurent

This Moodboard of the Month features Marble Laurent in a luxurious deco-styled compilation. The stone is a dramatic design, inspired from the Port Laurent natural marble which is mined in Morocco.

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Cleaning a Sink with Sponge and Inox Cream

Sink Cleaning & Maintenance Tips

A new kitchen sink is always exciting for homeowners, however with daily use, the surface can become dull. So, you can bring sinks back to life with 2 of Frankes cleaning products, the Inox Twister and the Inox Crèam.

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Archant Better Business Recap

Archant Better Business - Replay now available

Now available is the Archant Better Business full replay with Ambrose and Jo Blowfield from The Marketing Company. Learn how you can refine your marketing and sales process with practical tips from social media and website through to face-to-face and phone selling.

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Archant Clearance Page Graphic

Archant Clearance Outlet

If you’re on a tight budget, you can visit out Clearance outlet store available through Trademe. Simply visit out website, hover over 'Products' and then hit 'Clearance' to be directed you our Outlet Trademe store.

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