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Highland Seamless Sink Innovaction

Highland: The Seamless Sink Innovation

The Highland range is a new kitchen sink concept allowing for the seamless flow of your Archant Porcelain benchtop and your Highland sink. The innovation is the combination of an Archant Porcelain countertop with a Highland sink which is a purposely designed, single bowl undermount sink, which when completed gives the appearance of a steel-bottomed, material-clad sink.

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Archant Porcelain Hygienic Surface

Your hygienic surface solution

Hygiene has very quickly and recently become an important consideration in our lifestyles. And surfaces, are often a location in the kitchen where bacteria can be found. Archant Porcelain is completely non-porous and stain-resistant, offering the ideal hygienic surface solution.

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Winter Promo Final Month

July is the final month our Winter Promo is valid. When you spend with Archant during the month, you’ll receive a free Archant gift from our range of homewares. Click below to browse our gifts and request an account total update by emailing

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Calming contemporary kitchen design project

Archant Net Promoter Score

Thanks to all those who completed our Net Promoter Score survey. This was a short survey to all June spending clients to help us understand our level of service to our clients. We are pleased to announce that our score hit 72.6 with the industry average being 67.5.

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