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Archant Porcelain Display Benchtop

Welcoming Marius to the Team

We are pleased to have Marius Kruger join the Archant Team. Marius will be working as part of the Supply Chain Management and Warehousing Team to ensure we deliver the best service possible to yourself. 

Choosing your Kitchen tap Image

Considerations when Choosing Your Tap

Your kitchen tap is a one of the most-used components in your kitchen so you want to select a tap that suits the size of the sink, has the functional requirements you need and matches the style of your hardware, kitchen and home.

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Website Ordering Tip

Website Tip

If you have a credit account, you can set the ‘On Account’ option as your default payment option reducing this extra step at the Checkout Process. Secondly, you can easily set up a default delivery address to save you from entering your address each time you checkout.

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