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Exquisite Design and Luxury Quality


Exclusively supplied to the New Zealand market by Archant, Crofts & Assinder handles are the new must-have kitchen and furniture accessory. A British, family-run business, Crofts & Assinder has developed a well-deserved reputation for quality and forward thinking across its 143 year history, and this reputation endures today as the company continues to innovate and maintain its position as a market-leader.

The company designs and produces a full range of handles and decorative hardware which are sold world-wide to discerning markets who appreciate the value of craftsmanship and design. The trend towards handle-less kitchens may be well entrenched but this approach is not suited to all kitchen designs.

We find that, where a handle is needed, it’s important the handle become an integral part of the kitchen’s design and that it enhance the aesthetic created by the designer.Here’s where the Crofts handles realise their potential with their exquisite design and luxury quality making them an essential element in the success of the final creation. Recognising that flexibility in specification is the key, the range of Crofts handles is designed to work across a variety of kitchen styles but always with the goal to add that indispensable finishing touch.

The range is not only functional but is designed to work in a variety of settings allowing for matching or complementary elements to be utilised not only in the kitchen, but in furniture in adjoining rooms such as entertainment units, laundry cupboards, and other storage facilities. Crofts’ diverse collection of handles includes architectural knobs, pull handles, inset and profile handles, cup handles, latch handles, and bar handles in a variety of finishes including brass, nickel pewter, bronze, iron-effect, aluminium, brushed satin nickel, chrome, copper and brushed copper.

The company’s new Special Works, launched in 2017, range now includes three new collections launched in May 2018. The Henley is a sleek bar handle with a chic industrial aesthetic that is sure to become an enduring statement piece, while the retro styling of the Edinburgh collection showcases sensuous curves and flowing forms. Classically timeless and elegant, the Knightsbridge family of handles offers enduring interior style.

Archant has a long-held reputation for partnering with select companies whose products meet the criteria for design and quality. In becoming the exclusive supplier of Crofts handles for New Zealand, Archant is able to offer these high-class products to designers, architects, builders and developers who want to specify only the best for their clients, and to homeowners who have a discerning eye for excellence and beauty.

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