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Granite Sinks: The new dimension for your kitchen

Reflecting the current world-wide trends in kitchen design, German sink manufacturer Schock has set the world’s standards in composite sink manufacture and is recognised as the industry leader in the design technologies behind these stunning products.

Schock released its first composite sink more than 35 years ago and continues to invest in the research and development that has seen it awarded more than 90 patents. The company constantly refines its technologies and processes to ensure it maintains its position as market leader.

One of the reasons quartz composite sinks have become so prevalent is their incredible durability and hygienic properties. The manufacturing process creates an ultra-fine structure meaning dirt and other bacterial breeding grounds find it almost impossible to adhere to the surface. Created from 75% quartz and 25% acrylic, Schock’s Granit sinks are available in three different materials, making Schock the only company in the world able to offer these options in its range.

From silky-smooth or polished, to the gorgeous stony textures, the company’s Cristadur®, Cristalite® Plus and Cristastone® finishes are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

We asked our Archant experts for a run-down of the main features and benefits of having a Schock composite sink in your kitchen.

Repels dirt

Not only does this make the sink stain-resistant, and therefore extremely easy to keep clean, but its non-porous qualities ensure there are no places for bacteria to grow.

Food safe

Incredibly hygienic, these sinks are perfect for the kitchen environment.


Whether during preparation or clean up, pots and pans can be set down in the sink or on the drainer.


The sink’s high quartz content makes it extremely impact-resistant. Built to last, the sink will look fabulous from the day it’s installed and for many years in the future.

Stain and scratch resistant          

The technology behind the manufacture of these sinks means they are harder to stain or scratch which means they will maintain their good looks for years.

Colour and size options

Schock’s huge range of colours, styles and sizes allows you to choose the sink best suited to your needs as well as the design and layout of the kitchen.

Placement options         

The sink can be top-mounted or undermounted to suit your needs and the style of kitchen.

No sealing required        

Because a composite sink is formed under high pressure and contains a percentage of acrylic, it does not need to be sealed in the same way as natural stone.

Uniform colour 

With its high percentage of quartz which is evenly mixed through the product as it is moulded, a composite sink can feature a more lustrous, deep and rich colour as it is not subject to the variations found in natural stone.

Although a composite sink is more expensive than a standard stainless-steel sink, prices are becoming more affordable all the time as manufacturing, research and development streamlines the processes.

As a design feature, composite sinks such as the ones available from Schock, are becoming a statement piece within the room and are today often the starting point of the kitchen’s design. Whether matched to the benchtop for a seamless appeal or contrasted in bright colours to bring a pop of visual interest to the kitchen, the popularity of composite sinks is here to stay.

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