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Introducing Archant's New Showroom

Last week in Parnell - Auckland's unofficial design district - we introduced our new showroom,the home of Archant, a space dedicated to bringing the best in sinkware, tapware, handles and surfaces to the New Zealand. But calling it a showroom isn’t really fair when in fact, it’s much more than that. What we really want to do is inspire design conversations and the space does this very effectively, offering a first-class experience for interior designers, kitchen designers and architects; it's a place where you can bring clients to collaborate and develop customised kitchen solutions. The Archant showroom is driven by design. We’ve included break out areas and offices with full displays - places designers can come to educate their clients and match amazing products with great ideas. There’s a full kitchen and coffee service, all of which are available to our clients.


However don't take our word for it, check out the video below to see how great the night was and what this amazing space really looks like.

As you'd know, Archant stands for architectural merchant and everything about the space is built to enable the very best interior spaces to come to fruition. That includes large-scale displays you can touch, experience and interact with meaningfully. It's hard to judge anything or drive a real decision based on a 100mm x 100mm sample, but that’s what you get in many other showrooms. With the Archant Auckland Showroom we wanted to enable the right conversations and we’re doing so by allowing customers to experience the full range of colours, shapes and forms available at a scale that is real.

Our goal with Archant has been to bring the kinds of brands that offer quality assurance, design and world leading style into New Zealand and then give them the platform and promotion they deserve. We’ve worked really hard to source and curate the best products and become an inspired house of design, where you can come and design the best kitchens possible. Everything in the Archant showroom is made to speak the same language - one characterised by craftsmanship and excellence.

Announcements on the night

Firstly we announced on the night that we have an exclusive partnership with Florim, the Italian porcelain stoneware company with fifty years experience in kitchen and bath surfaces. We’ve been working closely with Florim to bring 20 different porcelain surfaces into the showroom, all of which meet the tastes and preferences of the New Zealand market. Plus, we’ll have exclusive access to the rest of Florim’s range, which includes unique large size options and 200+ decors. We also announced a partnership with Franke. With Franke, we’ll not only be able to supply a powerful brand at scale, but we can display it in a way that’s helpful for consumers to deepen their understanding. Something like a sink, for example, is really a kitchen preparation center and we have the customisation options at our showroom that will allow customers to see that in a true centre of excellence.

A big thank you to everyone that came and we look forward to having more design driven evenings like this one, And remember that if you want to experience the space for yourself, be sure to visit the showroom in Parnell - IT IS OPEN!