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Kitchen Design Trends 2019

Introducing the finest Engineered stone collection in New Zealand

Our biggest kitchen design trends for 2019

Here are our top picks of kitchen design trends which are sure
to be adorning New Zealand homes this year.

From stone to sinks, technology to texture, colour or mood the designs of kitchens have been
evolving to combine functionality with style to fit with our modern day lifestyles.
2019 will be no different and we're sure to see new creative approaches to kitchen design.
Check out our trend predictions below for 2019!



Ultimate Series

Accented Accessories

We see 2019 as being the year where designers feel more confident in stretching the traditional colour and texture combinations which set the tone for how a home feels.

While stainless steel will always be an easy choice for tapware, handles and accessories, there’s new shades that'll be big contenders. Coppers and Rose Golds bring a softer, warmer ambiance to the kitchen and work well in the popular monochrome palette. As a luxe element, these finishes are proving to be more adaptable than shiny stainless steel and are often offered with optional matte finishes.



Beyond the Benchtop

New porcelain surfaces are also sure to be popular as their wide range of uses and application in the home become embraced.

From elegant marble-like flooring to stately rustic wall panels, even bathrooms can be enhanced with stone slabs which replicate concrete second to none. So this year, why don’t you embrace new colour and texture applications as a method to uplift the mood and tone of your home?

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Ultimate Series


Project Series

Sinkware with style.

We’re predicting the stainless steel sink will start to become less an obvious choice as there are plenty of options now available to change things up and start a new design conversation.

The new granite sinks are not only stylish and functional but allow the designer to match the sink to their desired colour palette. As sinks evolve we'll see them becoming an entire food preparation station with accessories to meet every need. Perhaps the sink will become the bustling centre of a kitchen?

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Stone, stone and more stone!

With plenty of engineered stone on the market, we're sure to see an upsurge of it's application in the kitchen.

As designers find creative ways to use stone, benchtops will no longer become just a surface to work on but a vehicle to deliver textural and colourful impact. The application of stone may well widen to vertical surfaces for splashbacks and as cabinet fronts for a fantastic graphic and aesthetic effect.

We don't think it'll stop at stone srufaces however as new technological surfaces are released to cater to the trends of rusted metal or marbled surfaces

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