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Metropolis Steel Stone...enjoyed by the senses

Metropolis Steel Stone Image of Kitchen Benchtop Design


The Metropolis Steel expresses its real identity in this kitchen design, proudly created in New Zealand by DH Kitchens.

Thick Benchtop in Metropolis Steel Stone
Thick Kitchen Benchtop Design

Taking centre-stage, the thick-mitred square bar leaner adds an elevated dimension to the kitchen, concealing the overall length of the island bench.

We love the way this colour has been used as a statement piece and what a gallery queen she is!


SantaMargherita’s Metropolis range speaks loudly with its uniquely natural texture – a surface mimicking that real stone feel.

As if it was cut from the quarry just yesterday, this range features texture  that is natural and unpredictable. And, the mottled palatte of the stone creates a perfect base of which to design the rest of your kitchen around.

Imagine a finish designed with aesthetics equally pleasant to touch as they are brilliantly striking to the eye.

Metroplis Steel Benchtop Beautiful Texture
Metropolis Stone range for Kitchen Benchtops Image

Moving beyond the physical material, Metro Steel (as we nick name it) with its contrasting palette of mottled blacks and white, these colours prove highly versatile to the wide range of interior styles we’re seeing.

Add strong accents of matte black (like which the countertop is supported by) and white for a bold modern look. Work it with natural-finish woods while emphasising clean lines to achieve the Japandi style.


Take it to a traditional kitchen where detailed chrome hardware, a butlers sink and ornate cabinetry form a classical design.


Or, go minimalistic with light greys, whites and simply less details and ‘stuff’.

Accentuate the industrial vibes of the Metropolis Steel colours with heavy metal (ok, turn it up if that helps), hammered or raw woods and metal box shelving frames.

And, only the adventurous would dare a pair Metro Steel with colours – experiment with mid-blues, rusty nudes and warm golds or naturals.

We think the Metropolis Steel Stone is a truly raw stone which combines its rough natural texture (which could only come from a true Italian stone) with a finish and colour blend inspired from the Industrial Revolution where our homes, our workplaces and our play spaces were created with a steely minimalism in mind.

Countertop design Thick Mitred Benchtop
Metropolis Steel Benchtop in Auckland NZ Kitchen

With plenty of engineered stone on the market, the options are endless.

And the 'bring the outdoors in' movement has suddenly risen to fame to counter our busy lifes. Suddendly, those glossy smooth countertops are now a poor replication of the raw and unpolished textures found in nature.

A rough benchtop may sound startling and the thought of a raw and unpolished surface may not be everyone's cup of tea. But, with beautifully textured stones like the Metropolis Range available, the options of recreating elements of nature right inside your kitchen, are truly endless.

The Santamargherita range is designed and manufactured solely in Italy and is a brand that holds no limits to your design imagination.

Metropolis Stone ... enjoyed by the senses

Metropolis Steel Benchtop - End Image - Enjoyed by the senses