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Moodboard of the Month with Marble Calacatta by Ash Rd

Envisioned from this mood board is a light and calm kitchen. Created by Nat and Katie from Ash Rd, this space will be unique, memorable and luxurious, without being too fussy.

Marble Calacatta Moodboard


Nat and Katie from Ash Rd met though their kids and discovered a joint love for thoughtful design and beautiful homes. Overall, their goal is to create beautiful spaces that inspire people to make changes in their own homes. With an aim to produce work that is easy for people to replicate, Ash Rd is all about demystifying what is involved in renovation and design work.

View Details of this mod board and kitchen by reading below.

Thick Benchtop in Metropolis Steel Stone


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The colour scheme

The overall aim of the colour scheme is to create a sense of calm through light colours and naturally inspired surfaces.
The soft mint green colour palate (featured on the large painted circle and in the sheer fabric) perfectly complements the paired-back creamy veining from the Marble Calacatta and provides a subtle natural element from the light flowing fabric and the touch of green tones.
Other colours to note in the scheme is the brass accents which create a luxurious appeal while the raw native timber colour keeps the palette grounded and natural.

The kitchen sink preparation centre transforms your kitchen  

Marble Calacatta Hardware  

The hardware

Hardware was selected in an opulent ‘Brushed Satin Brass’ finish selected to off-set and provide interest against the soft colour palate.
With this beautiful range of handles, the textural link between the Henley handles and the breeze block is only apparent when the crafted knurling on the handles is closely observed.
Subtle textures and shapes throughout the hardware creates depth and soft shadows in the kitchen emphasizing the calm ambiance in the space.

The surfaces

Surfaces recommended ranged from a creamy Marble Calacatta from our Archant Porcelain range to the raw and beautiful New Zealand native timber.
The aim of the surfaces was to create an industrialized theme yet still maintain the soft airy scheme through light colours and flowing fabrics.
The Cement Dark Grey surface; a raw cement colour carefully contrasts with the Newport blue paint accents to solidify the overall palate with a deeper moodier colour.

marble calacatta surface match  

Kitchen Feature Breeze block  

The feature

Featured in the kick back is breeze block which adds a deco-styled geometric dynamic to the space. Cleverly featured below the benchtop, this feature is kept in balance by being somewhat concealed in the kitchen design.

Featured products

Island Bench Kickback - Breeze Block
Cabinetry Colour - Dulux Motu River
Accent Colours - Newport Blues by Porters Paints
Fabric - Sheer fabric to match paint tone
Sink Mixer - Vado Tap, Brushed Brass
Sink Recommendation - Bolero Box 210-68
Handles - Henley Pull Handle, Brushed Brass and Henley Knob, Brushed Satin Brass
Benchtop Surface - Marble Calacatta, Velvet(Archant Porcelain) or Cement Dark Grey (Archant Porcelain)
Flooring - NZ Native Riverwood