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Moodboard of the Month with Marble Gray

This moodboard was created with a purpose of creating a cool & serene interior space. The Marble Gray stone is neither too light or dark but maintains the beauty and depth from the Marble design.

Marble Gray Moodboard


A focus of this moodboard is the pulling together of warm and cool tones into a mutual and calming pallette. By using a soft gray marble base, scattered with white veins, the designer built with heavier solid colours to emphasize and depth and feeling of the marble. A true autumn inspired palette, this design is both light and dark, smooth and textured and embraces lightness and shadows, all in one. 

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Marble Gray Stone
Marble Gray Showroom Stone


Featured Products

Benchtop - Marble Gray

Cool and serene, Marble Gray provides a strong sense of nature with the refined and tranquil gray base colour. The faintness of the white veining imbues timelessness, making this colour effective in modernist and contemporary styled kitchens.

Although a simple and purist marble design, when looking closer, the Marble Gray stone includes colours ranging from a translucent ivory through to slate gray and even darker with charcoal accents, accentuated in moody lighting.

This range of tones creates depth and richness creating a calming and serene interior space.

Marble Gray Kitchen Benchtop and Splashback  

Fall Round Kitchen Handle  

The hardware

To match the moody tones of the stone, a brushed matte black finish was selected.

This brushed matte finish gives the handle the subtlest sense of texture, pairing well with the depth of the marble and perfectly matching the natural texture of the wood cabinetry recommendation. The Fall handle, as featured, is built from soft rounded shape embracing a natural curvature.

The surfaces

Surfaces recommended was the hero Marble Gray design from the Archant Porcelain range. Also featured was a Vidaspace cabinetry selection. To lighten the overall theme, Metropolis Oyster was used. Featured are the brushed matte black Fall handles and an Archant Granite Sink material, in the Nero finish. 

moody surface interior design  

Featured products

Sink - Aoraki 790-10, Nero
Handles - Fall, 224mm, Brushed Matt Black
Benchtop Surface - Marble Gray, Matte(Archant Porcelain) or Metropolis Oyster (Archant Quartz)
Flooring - Stardust Walnut MR Shinnoki from Vidaspace