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Moodboard of the Month with Celestial White

A celestial connection, in a traditional Hampton's style. Inspired by the twilight sky - the hues, the movement and the tonal depth - this mood-board is both earthy and airy with its grounded, traditional Hampton's theme and strong connection with the character of night.

Celestial White Hamptons Style Twilight Moodboard


With a strong influence from natures’ tones and hues, perhaps this is a New Zealand take on the Hamptons style? The moodboard features a subtle movement from the marble stone, Celestial White, the movement representative of our all-encompassing night-sky, while blue/grey/green tones blur the lines between the colours of our oceans, skies and fauna.
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A celestial movement in the marble

Aptly named, Celestial White is the hero stone in this creation, which draws on the movement of our galaxies, and the tones of twilight.

The stone’s base is described as a soft grey or a cool off-white, which provides a depth and richness to the stone.

The veining is then added, in a soft faint form and unique sprawling pattern. This creates a fascinating depth & movement throughout the surface as if the veins were moving with the night.

However, Celestial White is still, a traditional marble, albeit softer and not as haughty as a strong Calacatta marble. The result is a surface that is natural, timeless and still true to the navy’s and off-whites of the Hampton’s style.

Celestial White is relaxing with its a strong correlation to the New Zealand twilight, yet invokes a tradition and indulgence of a luxurious Hampton’s home.

Celestial White Marble design  

Colours from the coast, the night-sky and nature

Fundamental to this palette is the connection with night and nature.

Grey, greens and blue tones are all used both organically (through natural materials) and synthetically (through paint colours and fabrics) to create a calming ambience that is connected to the starriness of the Celestial White stone yet still traditional and rich.

For the cabinetry, a Seal Grey colour was selected as a basic off-white to be beautifully finished in a Shaker style cabinetry. For a representation to the tones of nature and the coast, Resene Gecko, Resene Juniper and Resene Sorento were featured and are also apparent tones in the Celestial White and Fusion Grey surface tones.

A final component of the compilation was the fabrics. These had to be deep and rich velvets to create a luxurious indulgence to complement the moodboards traditional bearing. From Warwick fabrics, Lovely Seaglass was specified along with a black velvet to add a rich blackness to the palette.

Colours from the coast, night-sky and nature
Colours from the coast, night-sky and nature

Embellished with polished nickel hardware

Finally, the hardware embellished the moodboard with classic British style hardware.

Polished Nickel was selected as the hardware finish. This finish combines the warm undertones of nickel and reflective polished finish of chrome into a beautifully traditional and indulgence finish. Not only is the polished nickel finish a nod towards traditional style, but the style and design of the cabinet handles.With beautiful edged detailing in this Calgary cup handle and knob range, these cabinet handles would also complement the typical recessed Hamptons cabinetry.

And of course, without blowing our own trumpet, the refined detailing of the bugle is truly beautiful. And in the Hampton’s style, the inclusion of the bugle is historically relevant as a connection with British royalty and American military.

Polished Nickel Bugle with White Marble
Polished Nickel Bugle with White Marble

Who knew the New Zealand night-sky could relate to the Hampton’s traditional style? Drawing on the richness of nature and night, a design themed on this moodboard will have a calming coolness about it, with the touches of grey, beige, green and of course sky blues. The scheme is grand, organic, natural, timeless but above all calming. A calming movement from the marbled surfaces and tones subsides the refined and formal Hamptons style.

Curated by Archant

Cabinetry Colour - Melteca Seal Grey
Accent Colours - Resene Gecko, Resene Juniper and Resene Sorento
Fabric - Warwick Fabrics, Lovely Seaglass and Black Velvet
Blinds - Thermal Roller Blind in Concrete by Mr Blinds
Sink Recommendation - Bolero Box 210-68
Handles - Calgary Cup Handle, Polished Nickel and Calgary Knob, Polished Nickel
Benchtop Surface - Celestial White Archant Quartz
Other Surfaces - Stone Grey (Archant Porcelain), Stone Noir, Velvet (Archant Porcelain), Wood Flooring - Vidaspace Notte