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Moodboard of the Month with Marble Laurent

Drama and intensity is created with Marble Laurent. This mood board - with its gold and brass highlights, rich textures and deep tones - is a luxurious deco-styled compilation.

Marble Laurent Moodboard colour retro scheme


The hero stone, Marble Laurent, is a design inspired by the Port Laurent natural marble that is mined in Morocco. The bold marble veining and contrasting charcoal black base colour creates a dynamic depth to the stone which is strongly reflected into the ambience of the space. 
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Marble Laurent Benchtop Scheme
Knurled Brass Hardware


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The colour scheme

The quirky bits; a very apt phrase for the overall colour scheme of this mood-board. Using ashy olive greys as the base colours, the greens and greys in these colours are calming, yet also emphasize the luxuriousness in the velvet fabrics. Then with the quirky colour accents selected, the dynamics of the Marble Laurent veining are truly bought to life. Moroccan orange accents create a spicy intensity throughout the space and deepen the gold veining in the Laurent marble. Deep forest green adds an overall richness and helps define the olives hues in the lighter base colours.

What is interesting of the palette is that is lends itself to the complementary colour theory. With Moroccan Spice and Permanent Green being direct complements on the colour wheel, the intensity is then balanced through the Quarter Grey Olive. This olive grey hue is an important tone for its calming effect which is also evident in the Stone Grey surface.

Retro deco colour scheme  
Gold luxe interior design  
Brass and Dark Marble Colour palette

Beautiful Brass Hardware Scheme  

The hardware

With a bohemian-deco style like this, a natural hardware and handle option was brass. Both antiqued brass and brushed brass were included with the antique brass pairing beautifully with the softer ashy tones while the brushed brass created a modern effect and complemented the golden hues in the Marble Laurent.

Style was also important in the hardware choice – for a more traditional and antiqued design, the Orverto cup handle was a winner. The dimpled indentations would play off perfectly with a hammered kitchen sink in a simplar finish.

Or, for a more modern approach, the Henley pull handle and knob was selected. The beautiful knurled brass is especially effective in contrasting lighting as the knurling creates tiny shadows and specks of reflections, so similar to gold veining in the Marble Laurent.

The surfaces

Undoubtedly, the surfaces have the largest effect on the overall dynamic of a space. A single surface can provide a unique texture, colour, scale or shades; making it an important choice.

As a standout surface, Marble Laurent was selected. Inspired from the Port Laurent natural marble slabs which are mined in Morocco, this porcelain marble is prominent in its design and bold in its colour tones. Being a dark marble, the colours range from charcoal blacks through to olive greiges and of course the luxe golden hues from the veining – truly stunning!

While every surface can be beautiful, not every-one can be as ‘standoutish’. So, to balance the Marble Laurent, a rustic stone colour (Stone Grey) was selected to help refine the stronger colours and surfaces. And the mottled design is an important textural and tonal element with the cool grey tones pairing with the Quarter Grey Olive base paint colour.

Finally, no deco space could be complete without wood. So, to prevent any unwanted yellow tints clashing with the theme, a whitewashed spruce planking was selected. This allows the space to appreciate the texture of a raw wood grain, help offset the deep moody tones and develop the rustic retro style.

Marble Laurent Benchtop Sample
Stone Grey Porcelain Benchtop TopView image
Marble Laurent Benchtop Sample

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Cabinetry Colour - Resene Quarter Grey Olive
Accent Colours - Resene Moroccan Spice and Resene Permanent Green
Fabric - Warwick Fabrics, Lovely Ochre Velvet and Lovely Ecru Velvet & Citta Mustard Design Kitchen Towel
Sink Recommendation - Bolero Box 210-68
Handles - Henley Pull Handle, Brushed Brass and Henley Knob, Brushed Satin Brass or Orveto, Antique Brass
Benchtop Surface - Marble Laurent, Matte (Archant Porcelain)
Other Surfaces - Stone Grey, Velvet (Archant Porcelain) Wood Flooring - Vidaspace Limewashed Spruce