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The Robiq range is a durable and modern stainless-steel sink range.
Upgrade your Robiq with partner-products to make preparation, cooking and cleaning, so easy!
Choose Robiq Ultimate for an entire collation of partner products or, choose Standard for an accessory offer that provides the essential partner products.

Live easier with Robiq.



Choose Robiq Ultimate Accessory Pack

Archant Robiq Ultimate Sink

Add an Ultimate Accessory Pack to your Robiq, for the ultimate experience with an entire sink and partner product offer. Transform your kitchen sink into a complete food preparation, cooking and cleaning centre.

The Robiq Ultimate Accessory Pack includes:
- Robiq Hot Mat
- Robiq Sink Miracle Cleaner + Microfibre Cloth
- Robiq Stainless Steel Colander
- Robiq Stainless Steel Drain Tray
- Robiq Wooden Chopping Board

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Choose Robiq Standard Accessory Pack

Archant Robiq Standard Sink

Add a Standard Accessory Pack to equip your Robiq sink with the essential features and partner products.

The Robiq Standard Accesory Pack includes:
- Robiq Hot Mat
- Robiq Sink Miracle Cleaner + Microfibre Cloth

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Quality .304 Grade Stainless Steel

Your Robiq sink is hand-made from the finest .304 grade stainless steel ensuring a durable and strong sink. The stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium preventing rust and corrosion and 10% nickel adding a lustre to the surface.


Brushed Satin finish

The stainless steel is finished in a luxurious brushed Satin finish giving the sink a beautiful lustre and micro-thin layer. This protects the surface from heavy scratches and marking.


Undermount or Overmount Versatility

Each sink has generous flange size of 20mm which allows your fabricator to easily undermount your sink for a modern and minimal look. Or, the sink can be easily installed and fitted in the top mount position.


Quick Drain Lines

With four subtle-pressed drain lines, any water will quickly and easily drain away. This will reduce moisture keeping your sink and kitchen more hygienic.


Easy-clean Corners

Your Robiq sink features a tight 12mm corner radius to give you a modern and squared look. However, the corners are rounded making it easy to wipe clean.


30 year peace of mind

Peace of mind comes as standard with the Robiq range. Not just because it’s designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards, it’s also because of its 30 year warranty.


High-capacity overflow

The specially developed high-capacity overflow will prevent flooding if your tap on. Capable of draining 15 litres per minute (the standard is 12lt/minute) this is compliant with multi-level buildings.


Suits waste disposal

With standard 90mm waste holes, you can fit a waste disposal unit to any sink. In some models, the waste is set to the rear also, giving you more cabinetry space below the bowl.



Benefits of The Robiq Sink

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