Thinking Small

Like many designers in New Zealand at the moment, a lot of us are looking for clever ways to enhance space in our kitchen designs. While smart cabinetry, with its ingenious layouts and features, is the obvious option, there are a number of other ways to introduce space-saving ideas, some which extend to the often over looked items in the kitchen.

When square meterage is running low, it doesn’t mean you need to work in a kitchen that is an empty space; it means you should select pieces that serve double duty. Take the latest sink release from Schock, the Mono D-100XS.

The Mono D-100XS is a single bowl sink with a compact drainer, perfect for smaller areas such as apartments or as a second sink. But the key to this innovative little sink is that it comes with two specially fitted options for make life in a small space much easier. The first is a beautifully crafted bamboo chopping board, with folding lift out handles that make it perfect for not only preparation but also presentation. The second is a robust steel dish drainer, that slots perfectly into either the bowl or the mini drainer of the sink. These two accessories come as part of the sink package, and if you want, you can even add in a stylish additional glass chopping board to round off the set.

As you can see, the innovative use of sink space is all about giving you design options, with these extending into the finish and the colour line - Mono D-100XS comes Polaris (white) and Puro (Black) with both being made of Cristadur, Schock’s premium material. Like any Schock product, no compromises have been made; the lines are crisp, the colours sharp and everything looks great.

However, Schock have built in even more space saving features in the Mono D-100XS, such as:

  • With the tap ledge positioned to the side, this model is perfectly suited to installation in front of the windows that fold in.
  • The shorter draining board means that you don't have to do without a work surface to the side even when space is tight.
  • At the same time the Mono D-100XS is big enough to wash bulky pots and baking trays, boasting a large bowl (440x440x200mm) that fits in a 60cm cabinet.

Even though there is no specific formula when it comes to designing for a small kitchen space, there are a few keys to success. We think the Mono D-100XS is one of them. 

To shop for your very own D-100XS, click the links below, or see it for yourself in our Auckland Showroom.

D-100XS in Polaris

D-100XS in Puro


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