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We’re changing, our lifestyles, our infrastructure, our spaces and our kitchens. But one thing hasn't changed, which is the need for a space to prepare meals, namely; the kitchen. So now, our kitchens are a balanced compromise between the traditional ‘meal-preparation room’ with its use as a social space, entertaining hub and a room for everyday living.

Each year, European suppliers release ranges of products to cater to our changing lifestyle needs. Our kitchens are evolving to become the central hub of the home and brands like Franke and Schock - with their creative genius - have products match our changing demands.

These designs tend to focus on allowing the kitchen to become a social and open space, providing space saving hacks and the ability of multifunctional and multipurpose products.

food preparation centres are replacing the simple kitchen sink

What is a 'food preparation centre'?

A food preparation center takes the humble kitchen sink to the next level.

Also known as sink stations, chef sinks or workstations, a food preparation center caters to the modern family and their demands.

No longer is your kitchen sink used solely for dishes but can become a central hub in the kitchen to prepare food, serve it and then clean up, all in one place.

So, while the kitchen sink may be a single or double bowl, the food preparation centre typically includes specific storeage compartments, purpose-designed accessories and cleverly thought out sink bowl sizings for optimum drainage, waste disposal and pop up waste features.

What is a food preparation center sink?  

Sometimes these prep centres or chef sinks have an overwhelming amount of features, but with a deeper look, each accessory, size and material is specially designed for a purpose, to enable easy living.


Ultimately, a food preparation centre boils down to truly exceptional design...bringing commercial design elements to the small residential space.

The kitchen is becoming the social space of the home

A food preparation center completely transforms the tradition sink and indeed the entire kitchen, into the ultimate operational and entertaining hub. And, if you are serious about entertaining, you’ll need a kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

Over the past decades, various lifestyle movements have spurred us to take a closer look at what we eat, how it’s prepared and served. This has encouraged the use of the kitchen as space for quality family time, or transforms to a the central hub when entertaining. The ‘chef sink’ allows you to bring the ‘wine and dining’ into the kitchen as everything is prepared and served over the sink station. With more benchtop space to convert to the bar, this also allures your guests to the kitchen/living space.

Kitchens becoming our social spaces with food preparation sinks
Our kitchens are changing with sink designs

By reinventing and rethinking how homeowners use their sinks, these prep centres become the centre of the kitchen. It’s the centre of the action and this where entertainment and preparation become an interactive affair.

Cutting boards become serving blocks, self-draining bins are perfect for ice buckets while the sink is always at hand to drain off any spillage or mess.

Once the entertaining is done and party is over, the workstation once again transforms into your cleaning station.

You can easily fill and empty the sink with a remote pop-up waste button or complement the pre-drilled tap holes with a flexible spray tap to easily rinse and drain the dishes.

The kitchen sink preparation centre transforms your kitchen  

A food preparation centre is a sink-station that works, and a workspace that really entertains...along with you!

Stunning sink design by Franke Box Centre

The Box Centre is a truly stunning design with every feature and accessory designed for modern-day entertaining and living.

Space saving

The interest in tiny homes is showing no sign of slowing, and we are adapting our lifestyles to match with perhaps smaller but cleverly designed spaces.

As kitchen and living spaces merge, there is always a compromise between a kitchen appliance or more living room, which is where a food preparation centre thrives.

Not only can they replace an array of items that take up space in your kitchen cabinetry (think chopping boards, knives and unwieldy colanders), the prep-station is naturally designed to enhance your living and benchtop space.

In smaller kitchens, benchtop space is now often vied for.

The Franke Sink Box Centre revolutionizes the kitchen
Superior quality granite sinks with accessories

The uses for the benchtop are endless; a breakfast table in the am, a desk for those working at home, then the drink bar when entertaining. So, keeping a clear benchtop inevitably, provides more space for the family to function.

The food preparation centre, through clever design enables food to be prepared over the sink. A purpose-built colander, not only keeps food off the bench, but keeps the countertop clean and dry. And, these accessories are going to save space in your cupboards, as with the Franke Box Centre, the whole array (knives, knife block, colander, roll up mat … the list goes on) also slide back into the second sink bowl for storage. Voila!

Another important consideration is the bowl size. By selecting a large sink will ensure there is room for the dishes so they can get quickly rinsed without cluttering any benchtop space. And then, with waste disposal units, any waste can be whisked away. The most common material for food preparation centres is stainless steel due to its durable functionality.

Make sure you select a high-grade stainless steel, to ensure your sink lasts a lifetime. And for those that want to take it up a notch, we have granite prep stations, which allow you to include a specific granite sink colour/finish into your kitchen design.

Overall, the food preparation centre can be described as the multi-functional hub of the kitchen to not only save space but allow the kitchen to be used for entertaining and everyday living.

Through fantastic aesthetics, thorough design detail and made with world-class standards, the food preparation centre is sure to transform the tradition kitchen, to that truly modern-day kitchen, which caters to that modern-day family.

Interested in a food preparation centre? View the products below.



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