Adam Laws from Furnipart

Adam Laws - Furnipart

Adam Laws is one of Furnipart's design partners. He seeks an emotive quality to his designs - something that extends beyond the purely practical and is often timeless in its appeal. From idea to sketches, prototype, tests, corrections, new prototype, tooling and production, the design process takes approximately 6 months from start to finish.


Questions & Answers with Adam Laws

This week we’re sharing what makes Furnipart Edge Straight handle designer Adam Laws tick – from what inspires him to the place he’d love to visit most.

5 Questions:

Q1: At what time during the day do you not think about design?
Adam: Before going to sleep, so my mind is not too active.

Q2. Where was the most peculiar place you ever felt inspired?
Adam: Seeing the underwater world of fish and coral in Lifou (Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia).

Q3. Can you mention a place, you would like to visit and why?
Adam: One of the great canyons on Mars to see geology at work on another planet.

Q4. What place is your favourite in your office?
Adam: I have a porthole window in my office with a view of the sky.

Q5. Tea or coffee?
Adam: Coffee to punctuate the daily routine.

The Furnipart Edge Straight handles are proving popular with New Zealand customers thanks to their sleek design and stunning visual appeal.

Metallic finishes fall in line with today’s trends while options like matte black offer timeless appeal.