Highland range - the archant seamless sink + surface

The Highland sink range - seamless sink+surface package

The Highland range is a new kitchen sink concept allowing for the seamless flow of your Florim Stone benchtop and your Highland sink.

Seamless and Sleek Look

This new and seamless technological innovation combines the beauty of a Florim Stone countertop with your kitchen sink to deliver an exceptional sleek look.

The concept involves the combination of an Archant surface countertop with a Highland sink which is a purposely designed, single bowl undermount sink, which when completed gives the appearance of a steel-bottomed, material-clad sink.

With no joints between the countertop material and the base of the sink, this innovative new development provides the ultimate watertight solution for your kitchen sink. The seamless technology creates an impermeable sink base which, whilst maintaining an upmarket contemporary finish, also permits the use of hot/boiling water taps.


Advantages of Highland Sink


Quality stainless steel

Highland sinks are manufactured to exacting standards using 1.2 mm 18/10 and .304 medical-grade stainless steel and are backed by a 75-year guarantee.


Seamless sink innovation

This new and seamless technological innovation allows you to combine the beauty of an Archant surface countertop with your kitchen sink to deliver an exceptional and beautiful sleek look


Safe use for hot/boiling taps

With our seamless sink+surface package both the Florim Stone and the Highland sinks are completely heat resistant. This allows you to safely use a hot or boiling tap above your sink.


Range of designer finishes

In keeping with current market trends, the Highland range is available in stainless steel together with finished Copper or Gunmetal in 450mm, 500m and 700mm wide bowl options.


100% watertight system

The innovative design of the Highland sink ensures that the end result is completely waterproof. With the correct fabrication, equipment and materials, your Archant sink+surface combination will be completely watertight!


Peace of mind guarantee

Peace of mind comes as standard with the Archant seamless sink+surface innovation with the sinks 75 year warranty. Not only are the materials produced to the highest possible standards but our Archant approved fabricators are experienced in a range of fabrication methods.

The Full Collection

Highland 190

The Highland 190 is the optimal bar sink. With a rear drainer, the bowl can easily accomodate your ice and allow for easy draining. And, with quality stainless steel cladding the bottom, you can safely install a hot/cold water system above the sink.

Highland 450

As a inconspicious second sink in your kitchen, the Highland 450, can double as another place to wash up dishes. Small enough to be ticked away in your scullery, or as a laundry bowl, the Highland 450 offers a wide range of uses within your home.

Highland 500

The Highland 500 is truly ultimate kitchen sink which combines the industry standard sizing of being 500mm wide with the seamless sink+surface concept. The Highland 500 is a popular bowl for the kitchen environment, where the aesthetic continuety of a long countertop can remain almost unbroken.

Highland 700

The larger size of the Highland 700 offers greater flexibility within your kitchen environment. With the stainless-steel clad bottom and 700mm width, this bowl is perfect for two tap placements - one for your wash-up requirements and another hot/cold water system. If choosing a marbled countertop, be sure to bookmatch the sides for an exceptional statement.