How to choose your ideal kitchen sink

How to choose your ideal kitchen sink

When it comes to being the most important part of the kitchen, the kitchen sink can easily be overlooked. The stove, fridge are often viewed as the centerpiece as they are the most "essential". But have you ever tried to cook without the kitchen sink? It becomes an impossible task. The kitchen sink is the glue that holds the kitchen together.

Whether you are building your own home or renovating your existing kitchen, choosing the kitchen sink is one of the most important decisions.



The material of your sink is an important consideration. It's important to think about durability, aesthetic and its hygienic properties.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel sink is by far one of the most popular materials of choice for its value, longevity and quality. Our stainless steel sinks are hand-made from the finest .304 grade stainless steel ensuring a durable and strong sink. The stainless steel is composed of 18% chromium preventing rust and corrosion and 10% nickel adding a lustre to the surface. Stainless steel wont fade, crack, chip or stain, making is easy to maintain and clean and durable for years to come.


Another popular option is EcoGranit (a granite composite sink) which is created from 85% quartz and 15% acrylic. One of the reasons these sinks have become so popular is their incredible durability and hygienic properties. EcoGranit is scratch, stain and heat resistant which makes it s popular option in busy kitchens. This material does come at a higher price point but also comes with more colour options than the stainless steel counterparts. Due to the nature of the material, these sinks are only available in a matte finish which can be a great design feature in a kitchen with matte tap and handle ware.


Ceramic sinks offer the wow factor and pride themselves center of your kitchen due to their silky smooth finish and stylish design. They pair beautifully with a variety of bench tops making them a popular versatile choice. They are a durable choice that stand up to heat, impact, dirt and stains. This material is one of the most expensive options but is worth it for the price, aesthetic and durability.

Featured: Robiq 400/400-20
Featured: Egmont 860-10, Nero
Featured: Kaikoura 1000-15, Alpina


With a variety of different configuration options to choose from, think about how you and your family use the sink and the space in the kitchen.

Single Bowl

The single bowl is great for those who want to maximise bench space and only need small washing space. Single bowls are available in a variety of sizes and materials making them a great versatile option.

Double Bowl

One of there most popular types of kitchen sinks is the double bowl sink arrangement allowing for ultimate flexibility. The double bowl is a truly multi purpose sink allowing for rinsing, washing, draining or food prep simultaneously.

Sink with Drainer

Sinks with drainers are a great choice for galley kitchens or those with limited space. These are great for those who wash dishes by hand but if you use a dishwasher you may not have much use for the drainer.

Butler Sink

Butler sinks are large single bowl sinks that sit within the bench top and are distinguished by their front wall. These generous sized sinks make washing large pans easier and also allow you to stand closer to the sink when washing up.

Aoraki 550-10, Nero - Single Bowl
Egmont 860-10, Nero - Sink with Drainer
Robiq 500/250-15 RH - Double Bowl
Colchester 1000-20 - Butler Sink


Other than style and material there are a few other great considerations to think about when purchasing your kitchen sink.

Shape of your sink is a big consideration. Square sinks are modern and stylish but can be difficult to clean. Look for a sink with slight rounded corners such as our Robiq range which give you the square look without the cleaning difficulty.

Drainer lines are another great feature which allow water to quickly and easily drain away. This will reduce moisture keeping your sink and kitchen more hygienic.

Featured: Robiq 500-10

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