Domaine Chandon Restaurant


Domaine Chandon Restaurant


Foolscap Studio



The new Domaine Chandon restaurant showcases an interior conceived by design practice Foolscap Studio, and utilises two of our Wovenpanelᵀᴹ products in a variety of applications throughout the space. The overall design aimed to incorporate both the aesthetics of the industrial wine-making process as well as a refined finished look that spoke to the decadence of the product being served.


"a sophisticated woven mesh solution, which is manufactured of the highest quality and perceptible up close,” says Madeline Freeman, interior architect of Foolscap Studio.


In order to achieve this harmonious balance between delicate details and hard metal, Foolscap Studio selected Chadwell and Crofton Wovenpanelᵀᴹ products for their variety in size and weave, and played with a layered, considered application, installing them in key visual points of the cellar door. The large mesh was utilized along the stairway surround for depth and visual intrigue; the slightly tighter mesh was specified for the tasting room’s bi-fold doors for a semi-private feel; while the tightest weave, was used in the cabinet doors behind the bar that reveal the enticing silhouettes of Domaine Chandon bottles just beyond the guests’ reach.


“The three-dimensionality of the woven metal mesh catches the light, throwing it back into the space, and enhancing the sense of drama, luxury and bespoke craftsmanship, themes key to the conceptual narrative. Each of the three products are strategically placed. Creating a theatrical backdrop either for the product or for guests as they enter and navigate the cellar door with Chandon champagne in hand.” adds Freeman.


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