Provincial Style on Percival Road


Provincial Style on Percival Road


Leanne Hunt


Reid Cabinets & Kitchens (Peter Reid) & Counter Concepts


Josh Cornes



Timeless and traditional, this architectural French Provincial kitchen is a masterpiece, designed with a focus on comfortable family living.

With the existing home featuring beautiful timber flooring, high ceilings, and simple detailed hand-rails and cornices, the French Provincial style was a natural fit for the design brief. With this in mind, designer Leanne Hunt created this kitchen to be cohesive with the entire home, be durable and functional for a young family, and be a timeless and architectural kitchen.


Creating a cohesive colour palette

With the lounge, living and kitchen being meshed into one open plan space, choosing complementary colours was critical. So, with a colonial French style in mind, tones such as moody greys, navy blues and clean linen whites were all used. These tones – mainly featured in the materials themselves – created a welcoming and warm space, to complement family living.

Creating a cohesive colour palette

As elegant as the Marble Statuario benchtops are, they were cleverly selected to pair with the Cement Dark Gray hues of the fireplace and match the crisp whites through the kitchen cabinetry, barn door and the architecturally pitched ceiling. Then to maintain a balanced exposure, detailed Shaker cabinetry in a dark navy hue was selected for the kitchen and bar areas which then reverted to the crisp light colour for the scullery and laundry area. The contrast of the navy cabinetry and the white marble created a tonal depth in the kitchen, helping to elevate the true purity and beauty of the Marble Statuario.


An architectural design focus

What is apparent in the space is a clever use of height and architectural detailing to draw the eye through the space and create a feeling of openness and expansiveness.

In the lounge room, the ceiling features a high pitch with exposed whitewashed beams to exaggerate the French style and create a sense of symmetry. This focus is then transferred to the kitchen space with the slatted barn door – a very much en vogue feature for French Provincial kitchens. The Shaker style cabinetry also talks to the ceiling design, with the soft detailing in the Crofts cup handles furthering the simple and elegant French design features.


Quality and durability going hand in hand

Throughout the kitchen, choice of materials was critical. As a space for a young family to grow up in cherish, Leanne knew that choosing quality materials would be reflected into a durable and long-lasting kitchen. As Leanne said that ‘I think from a design perspective, the products that we used in this kitchen, not only complement each other but are also durable for a young family and are also going to sustain the length of time.’ 

While the choice of a marble benchtop and splashback may not immediately seem a durable solution, the porcelain nature of the surface ensures it is. As Leanne explained, that ‘one of the great reasons for using the Florim is for a young family, a family of 6 is that it is durable. It can sustain pots coming straight off the oven, straight onto the surface. You’re not going to have any issues with thermal shock, its highly resistant to staining’.


Franke Tapware

In most cases, the sinkware and tapware is not deemed to be an important investment. However, in reality, the cook spends a good deal of his/her time using the sink and tap; rinsing fruit and vegetables, washing up in the laundry and washing dishes. So, the client stipulated their sinkware and tapware were to be from Franke. This all common Swiss brand, Franke, is a symbol of quality, with lifetime warranties on its stainless-steel sinks and cutting edge innovation in their designs and quality.


Curated by Archant

With durability and longevity being a critical component in the brief, so products like the Archant Porcelain and Franke sink ware and tapware, gives designers, like Leanne, the freedom to create beautifully elegant and expressive designs, with an assurance that the product will be hard-wearing and loved by the client.

Archant provided support and the supply of products throughout this project. Featured in the kitchen, scullery, laundry and living room is Archant Porcelain, Franke Sink and Taps, and handles from Crofts & Assinder.


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