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Approved Fabricators

We have a network of qualified and Approved Archant Fabricators. This process is being led by Archant and is designed to provide end you peace of mind in knowing that your Archant Surface will be of the uttermost quality and in line with the highest compliance standards. We have given approval for the fabrication of Archant Porcelain, Porcelain Tiles and Quartz to a variety of different fabricators in your area. These are experts in the fabrication of your Archant surface. They will fabricate the surface to the highest standard, will have the correct equipment and will have been comprehensively trained so they can guarantee quality fabrication. These fabricators have committed to the network, and have completed the full certification process, with Archant’s complete support. 

Archant has three categories of fabricators to use depending on your individual requirements and your location.

  • Approved Porcelain Fabricators

  • Approved Porcelain Stone Tilers

  • Approved Quartz Fabricators

Become an Approved Fabricator

If you would like to be considered part of Archant’s authorised fabricator network and have access to Archant Porcelain,
you must have an appropriate Waterjet fabrication unit, along with satisfying our training/expertise requirements.