Waiheke Vision

Set against the backdrop of Waiheke Island, this kitchen highlights the beautiful synergy possible between form and function.

Designer: Anne Boyd    |    Fabricator: Kitchen Mania    |    Photography: Isabelle Boyd

Kitchen and interior designer Anne Boyd of Inside Story Interior Design, had clients with a clear vision of what they wanted their kitchen to represent - clean, sharp lines, unfussy and durable. Having already built a stunning guest cottage on their property, they were in the early stages of building their main house when they connected with Anne.

So, with a detailed set of architectural plans to guide the basis of the layout and using her in-depth research approach to form the kitchens feel, Anne began working closely with the homeowners to specify their design, whilst keeping their wish list in mind. It was through this process that a black and white theme emerged, resulting in a kitchen that worked together seamlessly with the entire home and truly conveyed the aesthetic the homeowners were looking for.

In considering the design, Anne knew that her clients loved to entertain and are excellent in the kitchen, leading them to the design of a long island bench with an overhang/bar on the dining room side and at the end of the island an additional overhang, so that three sides could be used to maximise the use of the space. This highlights the contemporary view of islands in kitchen design, as they are no longer seen as just options for a layout, they have become genuine focal points and can be now viewed as hubs of the kitchen in their own right.

They serve multiple purposes, offering storage solutions, being fitted with various appliances, while also providing seating to serve as a space for any number of options. As you can see in this home, it also plays beautifully into its open plan design, as it ensures the kitchen can be multi-functional without cluttering up space.


Anne Boyd of Inside Story Interior Design

During the research process Anne’s clients had made it clear they didn’t want a cluttered kitchen and this meant no bulky handles. In opting for the Heritage Ezi-Venice, Anne was able to deliver an integrated handle in brushed nickel for the drawers and lower cabinetry. This gave the kitchen the clean lines her clients demanded, while also creating the illusion of space, opening the kitchen to match the style of living represented throughout the house.

The colour of these handles was also important, as the use of brushed nickel provided a wonderful contrast to the black acrylic high gloss finish on the cabinetry, without overshadowing the design and providing a way to show the streamlined, effortless look which is becoming more and more sought after.

The sink and tap combination was another example where design met the demands of vision, helping Anne to acknowledge the clients vision again. Her clients wanted durability matched with clean lines, so a Schock sink and tap were used in perfect combination. Both the sink and tap are designed to match seamlessly, using exactly the same colour in their design to create a feeling of connectedness not typically seen in traditional sink and tap combinations. Made from EcoGranit (a super tough quartz composite), coming in 40 different colourways, with an amazing 4000 sink styles. Schock gives designers like Anne the complete package and durability to offer her clients. In this beautiful kitchen the black tap is a real statement piece alone, especially when paired with the white bench top; it also has a powerful synergy with the moody splash back.

For the build and install Anne used Kitchen Mania based in Auckland, and they did a fabulous job in ensuring the end result perfect in every way. By using a range of products offered from Archant, Anne was able to weave form and function together, bringing a client vision to life.

"It was critical to me that I got a good understanding of how my clients live and how they expected this kitchen to function for them”, said Anne.  “In using Archant I was able to get access to the kind of product range that helped me explore this in more depth. Anne also added that “As clients they were very particular and precise, which really helped me, plus they were great fun to work with!”. 

Archant are proud to provide talented designers like Anne access to the kinds of products that inspire great kitchens and make it easier for them to bring their client along the design journey.

Curated by Archant

To bring her clients vision to life, Anne selected a perfect match of Archant master products. For this kitchen Anne’s clients opted for a Black Acrylic High Gloss finish and for their benchtop they went for a fabulous contrast and chose white 30mm stone.

Keeping that black and white contrasting theme going they chose a Schock EcoGranit sink, the Egmont 1000-15 in Nero and a complimentary mixer the Schock Orbit in black. For the handles they went for the recessed opening on the upper wall units and the Heritage Ezi-Venice integrated handle in brushed nickel for the drawers and lower cabinetry.

Archant are dedicated to bringing designers like Anne the latest in products from around the world, to inspire and to enable outstanding design. To see our range visit our products page or visit our Auckland showroom: