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When Laminate is the Answer

Laminate has come a long way from the lurid greens and oranges we associate with 1970s kitchens. Having dropped out of fashion for a decade or so, laminate is now on the comeback trail with a range of manufacturers releasing new colours, themes and textures along with new manufacturing methods and technology. Laminate is extremely versatile and adaptable, and can be utilised for both vertical and horizontal applications.

New printing technologies mean laminate can emulate other surfaces such as wood and stone in very realistic ways, like Cinder Slate. Whether you are looking for high sheen, low sheen or a realistic stone look you can’t go past laminate. It is available in a low sheen natural finish, high gloss shine or, for a realistic stone-look, textured High Pressure Laminate (HPL) remains a popular choice for benchtops.

Laminate is the most cost-effective benchtop product on the market. Laminate is a light weight product that can be easily transported and looks fabulous. Although it is a budget-friendly option when comparing it to other products, today’s laminates feature all the designer qualities you have come to expect from a design-focussed product.

Most laminate manufacturers have invested heavily over the years in new designs and styles to ensure their offerings are keeping up with current design trends. And, because laminate is a printed product, the options are almost endless in terms of colours, finishes and styles making laminate a great choice for a creative solution, such as Industrial Loft.

While laminate will need to be replaced more frequently than other options, they key to its longevity is in how the product is cared for during its lifetime. A High Pressure Laminate is easy to clean and its manufacturing process makes it more resilient to scratching and staining. Caring for a laminate benchtop is easy – use heat pads for hot pots and pans, and use a clean cloth with no abrasive chemicals. While other benchtop options, such as stone, sometimes require sealing to make them suitable for kitchen use, laminate has no ongoing costs for maintenance. New technology has produced finishes that make laminate completely stain resistant and hygienic, making it perfect for a kitchen application, a place where Arctic Snow can really shine.

But laminate is making its way out of the kitchen and is being seen in adjacent living rooms, entertainment zones and family rooms as it is applied to matching pieces of built-in or free-standing furniture. And this trend is set to continue as we see the kitchen organically expanding into the open-plan living area.

Another plus for laminate is its lightweight quality, making it easier to transport and install. This quality also means laminate is suitable for application as a splashback in certain circumstances, offering a realistic alternative to tiles. We are now seeing specific laminates being developed for external use with special properties that make it moisture-resistant and weather-resistant. This means we now have the ability to extend the internal kitchen into the alfresco entertaining zone and maintain the same design credentials throughout.

Designers love working with compact laminates as they create a clean, modern look and in the hands of an expert designer, can be utilised to great visual effect in the kitchen. Homeowners love laminate because it’s so easy to care for and whatever cost savings are made can be applied to other items on their wish-list. Builders and developers love using laminate because of the wide range available and its cost-effectiveness for large projects, such as Archants range of Arborite Laminates.

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