Rhythm Apartments

Brothers Interiors
Milwaukee, USA

A luxury apartment building, designed to offer the ultimate in urban living. Efficiency designed micro-sized studios and one-bedroom are perfect for young, urban professionals requiring flexibility and access to the heart of Milwaukee.


The large common area and lobby on the first floor of the building combine modern and retro elements designed by Brothers Interiors. The lobby is meant for all tenants and their guests to enjoy, featuring carious seating areas and a functional kitchen. Striving to be a unique apartment lobby, Archant Wovenpanel™ has been used as an artistic interior space divider.


A collection of Wovenpanel™ products were used to help create a sense of intimacy in a large, open area. Brixton and Armand Wovenpanel™ were positioned to partition off the seating areas while still allowing tenants and guests uninterrupted sightlines in the lobby.