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Archant Indent & Special Orders

What is indent and special ordering and who should consider this?

Indent & special orders are orders that are placed for products produced offshore that are not currently held in our NZ warehouses. It is typically used in 3 situations :

1. For high volume orders required for a specific project.

2. A custom made product not available in current Archant range. Example – fancy a copper or brass sink designed to a size you desire? Or a cabinet handle manufactured to your own specification??

3. Products that are available from our Suppliers total current range, but not stocked in NZ.


Things to consider when it comes to indent and special ordering:

1. Minimum quantity: this is variable depending on product and supplier, but sometimes they can be high, but in other cases they can be as low as a 1. For example we can do a 1 off cabinet handle designed to your specifications.

2. Lead time: this again is also variable depending on supplier but generally it is from 6 - 12 weeks by sea freight or from 4-6 weeks by air freight or for our NZ manufactured custom products. This will be confirmed when proposal is submitted.

3. Returns: We are not able to accept returns for indent and special orders.

4. Payment: A 50% deposit is required for all indent and special orders when you place the order, and the balance is payable prior to delivery.


Why Choose Indent - The 3 main reasons for indent orders are:


1. Price saver: When ordering in bulk this can often drive down cost due to the efficiencies associated with increased volumes.

2. Customisation: When the current Archant range available in NZ just won’t do or you require a specific product for a project or customer need, then ordering a unique product customised to your requirements is the way to go. Most of our indent and special orders offer either a full design or sampling process which means you can approve products before the final production guaranteeing you satisfaction.

3. Guarantee of price and supply. When delivering for a large project you can ensure you get guaranteed price and guaranteed delivery time frames ensuring continuity of supply.