What can we help you with?

At Archant Ltd we try to maintain an up to date list of frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

If you can't find the answer to one of your questions in this page then please use the online form to ask us a question. We will reply to you and also add this question to our FAQ list if appropriate.

If you prefer you can contact our customer services team toll free on 0800 272 4268 and they will be more than willing to help answer your question.

Where can you deliver products to?

We deliver our products nationwide in New Zealand.

We utilize both courier and trucking transport services throughout New Zealand such as Post Haste, New Zealand Couriers and Mainfreight to deliver your goods directly to residential or commercial addresses. 

What are your freight and handling charges?

All purchases over $350 are shipped free anywhere within New Zealand. (Excludes Archant Quartz & Archant Porcelain stone orders)

All purchases under $350 are charged a flat shipping and handling charge of $12.50. Prices mentioned excluding GST.

For our Archant Quartz and Archant Porcelain ranges, due to their large size (up to 3200x1600mm), these are sent via truck so incur higher freight charges. These charges are $200 per order (Prices excl GST).

Damaged Items

If your order arrives with a damaged item/s, please call or email us immediately.
We will require clear images of the damaged item, as well as the packaging and your original invoice number.
We will send a replacement/s and arrange a collection of the damaged item/s.

We need to be informed within seven (7) days of the damaged item being delivered to you, for a claim with our freight provider.

If damages are not reported within seven days, there may be costs incurred for the replacement item/s.

Non-Deliveries/Lost Packages

If your order has not arrived within the timeframe you expected, please call or email us.

We will investigate, follow up with the courier, and send replacements if required.

We need to be informed within fourteen (14) days from the order being sent, for a claim with our freight provider.

If non-deliveriey/lost packages are not reported within fourteen days, there may be costs incurred for the replacement item/s.

Can I purchase a sink but have it delivered directly to my benchtop fabricator to install?

Certainly. All orders over $250 are freight free nationwide, so order today before 4 pm and it can be on its way to wherever you choose. You will need to ensure the end receiver checks for any freight damage immediately so there is no disappointment.

Can I pick up my order from your showroom?

No, we do not hold stock in the showroom.

Orders are dispatched from our Distribution centres in Hawkes Bay and Christchurch. No stock is held at our showroom. Any returns or exchanges must also be returned to our Distribution Centers, not our showrooms.

Please place your order via our website or send your order to: sales@archant.co.nz

How do I order online?

We've made our online ordering experience as easy as possible for you.

Firstly, log in to your account to your company exclusive prices. By clicking 'Shop' and selecting the product range you're after you can find the product you're wanting. Click 'Add to Cart', then complete your purchase by clicking your shopping cart at the top right of the page and following the Checkout Process.

How can I order sample handles?

You can order any handle by finding the product in our Shop, then adding to the cart and proceeding through checkout. An invoice will be raised for stock recording purposes however we trust these items will exceed your expectations.

Our easy online Returns process allows you to simply return any orders and receive a full refund on the items purchased. Go to 'My Orders' and process the return within 365 days of making the purchase.

How can I order a stone sample?

Ordering a stone sample is easy. Simply select 'Shop' and then click the surface type you're after.

Then, find the stone colour you're wanting, click 'Add to Cart' then proceed to Checkout as per a normal online order.

Our stone samples are free of charge, however shipping and handling costs may be incurred.

Can I hold stone slabs if I don’t have a confirmed project date?

An efficient protocol for “holding inventory” is critical to the availability of desired items in a timely manner. To best serve you, we ask that you kindly review and follow these guidelines moving forward.

  • Please provide a purchase order or job reference number for any required holds on stone slabs.
  • We can hold an item for a maximum of three months, after which it will be released back into general inventory.
  • Orders with requests to hold inventory should come from an approved fabricator.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We’re confident this will make the hold process more expedient for all.

Why am I being charged a surcharge?

From 1 April 2022, we have introduced a 1.7% fee on all credit card transactions. This is to recover the costs that we are charged to process these payments. If you would like to avoid these processing fees, we have a few alternative options for you. You can transfer funds with internet banking to our account 02-0644-0312376-000, or you can pay via our Account2Account option on our website payment portal, or use a Debit Card in the payment portal .

Are all these Archant Cabinet handles available in stock?

Yes - You would of course know that the handles are one of the last things to be installed on your kitchen and often you need them FAST! That is why we stock over 400,000 handles and knobs in more than 200 different styles so you can have what you want when you want.

Do Archant Cabinet Handles & Knobs come with fixing screws?

Yes - All rear fixed handles and knobs are included with M4 x 22mm length handle screws which is what you require for a standard cabinet door/draw thickness of 16 or 18mm. If the drawers are thicker than this then you may need longer screws so please ask for these when ordering your handles. Just add 4mm to the thickness of your drawer or door and specify this screw size - it is ok to round this up 1 or 2 mm.

Do the Archant Cabinet Handles have a guarantee?

Yes, you can be assured all Archant Cabinet Handles are backed by our lifetime limited warranty for your total peace of mind. You can be assured that these handles have received our unprecedented attention in terms of design, quality and functionality. We bring you innovations, not duplications. The lifetime limited warranty certifies that your product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the lifetime of the product to the original consumer. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by everyday use, abuse, misuse, or altered product.

How often do you introduce new kitchen handles?

Our design and marketing team attend the worlds best kitchen and hardware trade shows several times per year, where new handle solutions are revealed and an infinite range of ideas are born. From classic to increasingly bespoke kitchens we see it all which is how we can bring you these latest designs so frequently.

I would like a handle display for my kitchen showroom - is this possible?

Yes of course. We have many display board options which you may discuss with your area manager. What's more, we can also offer to replace your existing handles on your display kitchens. This alone has proven to increase sales by up to 60% as most display kitchens are more than 2 years old and get a new lease of life with some new up to date handles. It is often the kitchen handles that make or break the kitchen.

These handles look expensive - are they?

Our design team have developed this cabinet handle range over more than 15 years and in doing so have brought to you designs to suit the NZ taste and budget too. We believe our range offers some of the most competitive pricing without compromising quality or service in the least. Of course, if you have a special project using large volumes then your area manager will be able to offer the most competitive quotes for this and on-time delivery.

Do your Furnipart brass handles age or patina over time?

No, our range of Furnipart brass handles are electro-plated preventing the handle surface from wear and making it rust-resistant. Only raw or natural brass handles will form the patina effect creating an aged look.

How should I keep my Archant Handles clean?

The best way to keep your Archant Handles clean is to wipe them with a soft, damp cloth. You can use a little soapy water, or mild spray and wipe if necessary. We do not recommend using Jif, other cleaners with a scratching compound, harsh cleaners or chemicals or a coarse scour pad as these can break down the surface finish of the handle.

Vigorous scrubbing is not necessary or recommended and can break down the protective lacquers causing peeling or damage to the handle finish.

Are Schock sinks easy to clean?

Absolutely. Normal household detergent and a damp non-abrasive cloth will remove everyday marks. For tougher marks or limescale buildup, a Schock Easy care cleaning kit is available for purchase from Archant Hardware. 

Are Schock sinks expensive?

Do they look expensive – yes. Do they cost a lot – no they don’t. The Schock range from Archant is exceptional value for money. With most of the range priced between $300-$600, this is an investment you must make. You will not be disappointed.

Are they best under-mounted, over mounted or are they suitable for both?

Both mounting options are suitable when using solid surface benchtops. When using a laminate bench, top mounting is recommended. In Germany 80% of benches are laminate, making top mounting a popular option.

Can I fit a waste disposal unit to Schock sinks?

Yes all Schock sinks fit waste disposal units.

Can I use bleach on my Schock sink to clean or soak items?

Yes you can, Bleach is fine to use on all Schock sinks. Just add one cup of bleach to four cups of hot water and rinse off with cold water.

Can Schock sinks be under-mounted into a laminate surface?

Read a testimonial from an established benchtop fabricator here

How do I clean my Schock sink daily?

Daily clean for Schock sinks in 3 easy steps 

  1. Mix warm water and dishwashing liquid together
  2. Thoroughly wash the surface with a Schock cleaning sponge
  3. Rinse off with clean water and you're done.

How do I drill the tap holes into a Schock sink?

We recommend drilling, not punching, therefore you can purchase a Schock hole saw via our shop (20.9678.ZZ) and view our video here to see how this is easily done.

How resistant to heat is my sink?

Very resistant. Schock bowls have been tested and proven to be heat resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius. They were tested using a pot of hot wax heated to 180 degrees, which was then placed on the sink for 20 minutes. No adverse effects or damage occurred to the sink at all.

If I under-mount my Schock sink the pre-drilled tap hole becomes off centre. Do I have to use the predrilled hole?

Yes, you can have a new tap hole centred partially over the predrilled hole, that is not a problem. However, the new hole will need to be drilled from the top by your plumber or with a Schock tap drill, as the Disposable drill does not have a centre pilot drill. Otherwise, it is common for the tap to be mounted on the Benchtop in an under-mount situation. Your Benchtop manufacturer would in this case drill the tap hole.

Is my Schock Sink resistant to chemicals?

Yes, it is. Schock has been independently tested in a German laboratory using DIN testing methodology. Independent test results can be provided.

Is Schock food safe?

Definitely. No materials used in the manufacture of Schock are in any way harmful to humans. Again this has been independently tested, of which results can be provided.

My local Council has requested the flow rate of the overflows on your Schock sinks?

The minimum flow rate of overflows in the EcoGranit sinks would be 0.25ltrs / second ( as according to EN274 part 1) or (14 litres per minute)

What are Schock Sinks made of?

Ingredients of Schock Sinks are:

Filler: Quartz Sand, colour coated or natural

Resin: Pure virgin Acrylic Resin

Additives: Colour Pigments if needed, Peroxides, Crosslinker

What are some points to consider under mounting the Schock Bowls into a solid surface?

The adhesive we recommend to use for under mounting Schock bowls is Bostic Simson 70-03. You can get this in black, white or grey. It is available from Adhesives & Sealants in Tauranga (Ph 07 577 0812) 
In 10 minutes it forms a skin & is easy to clean up. You need to leave it for 12-24hrs to set, once it's set it is super strong. Benchtop Fabricators have had to cut the stone to separate the bowl once this glue is set. They say a 38kg concrete block pushed onto a wall immediately will stay there when using this glue! 

Other recommendations are

  • Don't use acid cure silicone - it will leach through engineered stone in months/years to come.
  • Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone.
  • Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance.

What is the difference between the Nero and Onyx, and the White and Alpina coloured Schock sinks?

Nero and Onyx are both black, however there is a slight colour difference. Nero is a matt black (completely black all over), whereas Onyx has a slight white fleck through. When purchasing a sink and tap combo be sure to check the tap finishes are the same matches if you want the tap to be identical to your bowl eg. Onyx bowl paired with an Onyx tap.


What warranty do the EcoGranit Sinks have?

For your total peace of mind, your EcoGranit Sink is covered by our 30-year warranty. This protects you against the highly unlikely event of product faultiness or malfunction. Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone. Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance.

Where are they made?

The home of Schock is the factory called Schock located in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, one hour North West of Munich, Germany.

Will it stain?

No. Schock Sinks are Stain resistant. Over 40 common household chemicals have been tested including Red wine, beetroot, hair dye, to name a few. Schock is non porous.

Will my Schock sink scratch or chip?

Schock manufacturing processes ensure the Quartz content (the hardest ingredient) is drawn to the surface of the Sink. This makes the work surface highly resistant to chipping or scratching. Stainless steel will scratch and dent, ceramic will crack. Schock will withstand.

Will my sink craze, fade or discolour over time?

Schock is made from 15% Acrylic which will not fade or discolour, even in direct sunlight. Older products on the market are discoloured because they were made using polyester which is not colourfast. Crazing is caused by heat. Warranty will be void if the wastes or waste disposals are installed using silicone. Silicone effectively removes any movement or flexibility allowance.

Are these stainless steel sinks AISI 304 18/10 Grade?

Yes, under our strict quality control policy we have our sinks independently tested at an Auckland Laboratory to ensure consistency.

Can all your sinks be fitted with a waste disposal unit?

No, but most of them can be. There are some Franke sinks that have proHygienic wastes which prevent a waste disposal unit being fitted.

Can Archant sinks be welded into stainless steel?

Most of them. However, we recommend you contact us for confirmation and we can also provide you with a list of approved Sink Fabricators nationwide.

Can I cut out my benchtop using the measurements provided?

Actual measurements of all sinks should be checked before cutting into benchtops. We say measure twice, cut once.

Can the Franke sink range be welded into stainless steel?

Yes - using the finest 304 Grade 18/10 stainless steel at 1.0mm thick, makes these the perfect choice for welding into stainless steel.

Do all your sinks have overflows?

Yes, except for the Ceramic bowls.

Does all Archant Sinkware have a warranty and what is it?

Yes, you are reading about a complete range of sinkware that carries limited warranties across all our ranges to the consumer.
Archant Stainless Steel Sinks - 30 years
Archant Franke Stainless Steel Sinks - 50 Years
Archant EcoGranit Sinks - 30 Years
Archant Ceramic Sinks - 7 years
For more details please visit our Downloads page here.
If any faulty workmanship or materials is proven during the warranty period Archant at its own discretion will either: replace, repair or refund the original purchase amount. This guarantee is non transferable and should be read in conjunction with our current Terms of Trade which a copy is available from our office. Complaints should be made in writing and should include proof of purchase. This warranty excludes liability for any consequential or incidental expenditure or damage.

How big is the waste hole measurement of a standard sink?

The standard waste hole measurement is 90mm.

How do I maintain my stainless steel sink?

Regularly rinse and towel dry your sink after use to keep its surface exposed to oxygen. Oxygen reacts with chromium in the steel to form a strong, highly protective chrome oxide film on the surface of your sink. It is this film that makes stainless resistant to corrosion and gives it a remarkably long life.

How do I prevent this or remove these rust spots and discolouring?

To prevent rust spots and discolouring you should ensure your plumber or installer flushes all the plumbing lines properly and applies filters if necessary. Also ensure the installer has the sink earthed to remove any surface corrosion, place a small amount of Sink Miracle stainless steel sink cleaner on a damp or dry cloth. Rub in the direction of the grain on the bottom or sides of the bowl. Please do not use a silver dip cleaner or steel wool. Thoroughly rinse and towel dry. We would point out that unless the particles are completely removed they will return and MOST IMPORTANTLY ensure that your sink is earthed. It is therefore very important that after cleaning the sink, it is dried thoroughly. This process needs to continue at least daily for a period of 7 to 10 days until the problem disappears. The problem is sometimes particularly obstinate to remove and it may take several attempts to restore the sink to its pristine condition. In rare circumstances, your local stainless steel fabricator may need to apply a special acid wash to restore its beauty.

How do I topmount or undermount my sink?

See image


How does the Spazio plumbing kit work?

Utilise space using the Spazio Plumbing Kit which neatly directs all the piping back under the sink towards the back of the cabinet to accommodate the installation of shelving, a drawer or to store household goods.

How thick is the stainless steel used for your bowls?

The thickness of the stainless steel varies from 0.7mm to 1.2mm.

If I have a waste disposal unit on the sink, where do I connect the overflow to?

Have your plumber install an inline pipe connector with a 45 degree elbow. This will allow you to connect the plumbing to the waste outlet on the waste disposal unit, and then with a flexible hose – take this from the overflow and connect into the 45 degree elbow.

My friend has a square sink that is hard to clean into the corners - why is this?

Aha - we can understand the frustration. The reason will be because his or her sink has a zero (0) radius on internal corners which means it is a totally square therefore virtually impossible to get clean. The reason our Franke square sinks are so popular is that they have a 10mm and 12mm internal radius which is about the shape of the end of your finger, so the square look is still maintained whilst making cleaning those internal corners a breeze. You'll no longer have to use that spare toothbrush to get into those tight corners - there are none!

My sink insert was supplied with the Spazio Space Saving kit, however, when the Plumber tried to connect this to the waste pipes they would not connect. What do I do?

All you need to do is have your plumber supply a 40mm waste adapter, and use this to connect the 2 pipes, and this will rectify the problem.

My sink is showing rust spots and discolouring - why is this?

The Stainless steel used in all Archant Sinkware is high-quality stainless steel which is metallurgically incapable of rusting or corroding in normal household conditions. There are several reasons why your sink may appear to be rusting or discolouring. Ferrous particles and filings from the water supply can be deposited on your sink especially with newer installations when the pipework has not been flushed, is disturbed, or from ‘wire' scouring pads, utensils and metal cooking implements. These filings once deposited will bond to the sink surface and unless removed these particles will rust which will give the appearance that the sink is rusting. Also in many houses, you have plumbing connections within the water line containing copper, brass and stainless steel. For example, you may have a stainless steel sink, a chrome-plated brass tap and copper piping. If these 3 metals are not equipotential bonded you can have a reaction (like electrolysis) that causes rusting.

Should my sink be earthed and why?

Yes - Under the NZ electrical code of practice, it is a requirement that sink benchtops are earthed. Electrical contractors should satisfy themselves that the sink installation conforms to the relevant sections under this code. Since water is a good electrical conductor, any electrical leakage (from a faulty circuit) will use any moisture to travel to earth. Therefore earthing the sink will prevent electrocution.

What could happen if my sink is not earthed?

If your installer fails to earth your sink back to the switchboard you could risk electrocution which could be fatal. It has also been proven that your sink will be prone to rust spots and discolouring if it is not earthed. 

What does the gauge of the stainless steel mean?

The gauge is the thickness of the stainless steel. An easy rule of thumb is, the lower the number of the gauge, the thicker and better the stainless steel. Therefore, 18 gauge is better than 20 gauge.

What is a Basket Waste?

A Basket Waste acts as a plug but also collects all the bits of leftover food floating in the sink water. The Basket Waste can be removed from the sink and emptied into the waste bin, thus preventing drain blockage.

What is a Pop-Up Waste?

It is a switch fitted to the sink which when you turn it pops up the Basket Strainer Waste allowing the water to drain from the sink. The benefit is that you don't have to put your hand into the hot water to remove the plug. Once the water has drained you can remove the Basket waste and dispose of any bits of food that have been left behind.

Why is water spotting my sink?

If water is left standing anywhere on your stainless steel sink, it will evaporate and leave a film (spots) on the surface of the steel. This film can be removed with regular dish soap and water and a soft cloth. For removing heavier residue, you may use Autosol Metal Polish with a soft cloth.

Will my stainless steel sink scratch?

All stainless steel sinks will scratch with use regardless of the brand. However as time goes on the sink will age and develop its own patina, and the scratches will become less apparent until such a time where they will actually blend into the surface and will not be noticed.

What type of air switch comes with the waste disposal - Counter switch or in the cupboard switch?

The Franke air activated control switch button operates continuous feed waste disposal units from a point determined by the consumer, e.g. on the worktop or possibly even within the sink perimeter.
Air switches are safer than electric switches because they keep the electricty away from the users' hands.
The air switch control mechanism usually mounts under the sink (or is incorporated into the Waste Disposal Unit itself), where it remains dry. From the activated control switch button, an air tube connects with the switch controller, which in turn operates the unit.
The benefit is that the operational switch avoids the necessity to have a wall mounted toggle switch (which itself is electrical), and is therefore neater and safer to operate.
In other words, the air switch can be can be both - mounted on top of benchtop by sink, or under somewhere in the cabinetry so its hidden

I need a new strainer plug for my stainless steel sink. Which basket waste strainer should I order?

Firstly, check what brand your sink is: Archant, Heritage or Franke. You can check the logo on the overflow to find the relevant brand. See the image below to check what the different logos look like.



Franke Sink
The matching basketwaste strainer is Franke Standard Waste Strainer (Code: 20.5567.ZZ)


Archant Sink
The basketwaste strainer for Archant sinks is Archant Basketwaste Strainer (Code: 20.9856.SA)


Heritage Sink

There are 2 different overflow options for the Heratige Sinks. Check the logo on the overflow, then measure the overflow badge to determine the size.

The matching basket waste strainer for Heritage sinks with standard overflows is Basketwaste Strainer (Code: 20.8653.ZZ). Your Heritage sink will have a standard overflow if it was purchased pre-2017, and if the overflow badge cover measures 53 x 16mm.

The matching basket waste strainer for Heritage sinks with high-capacity overflows is Basketwaste Strainer, High Capacity (Code: 20.5951.ZZ). Your Heritage sink will have a high capacity overflow if it was purchased after 2017, and if the overflow badge cover measures 79 x 20mm.

What is the usable area of the Metropolis range with its natural textured concrete finish?

The Metropolis Stone range comes in a Jumbo sheet size and has a usable area of 3200x1550mm. Please be advised that the unique characteristics of the Metropolis range include dips, hollows and rippling within the surface. These characteristics are more accentuated on the outer 100mm area of the sheets. If you don’t desire these characteristics on your Benchtop, we suggest you calculate your design around a usable slab size of 3000x1350mm.

What do you recommend for sealing my Metropolis textured benchtop?

Due to the natural textured finish of our Metropolis Engineered Stone range, we recommend your fabricator sealing your benchtop with a Lithofin sealant.

Although our Engineered Stone range is non-porous and perfect for a kitchen benchtop application, due to the highly textured surface, we do recommend sealing your Metropolis benchtop. This will prevent any moisture from entering through the textured finish and staining your benchtop. 

The Lithofin Sealant range is perfect for this surface and is one we recommend. The Lithofin Sealant once applied will not affect the colour of the benchtop and will preserve the raw and beautiful finish of our Metropolis range.

You can learn more about the Lithofin Sealant by clicking here. 

Can your Quartz be used as a splashback behind a Gas hob, what’s the guidelines?

We recommend that you only use our Quartz as a splashback behind a gas stovetop if you have a 200mm gap between the edge of the stovetop and the splashback due to the heat produced from the gas hob.

If you change to an electric or induction cooktop then this distance can be reduced to only 50mm.

Can I hold stone slabs if I don’t have a confirmed project date?

An efficient protocol for “holding inventory” is critical to the availability of desired items in a timely manner. To best serve you, we ask that you kindly review and follow these guidelines moving forward.


  • Please provide a purchase order or job reference number for any required holds on stone slabs.
  • We can hold an item for a maximum of three months, after which it will be released back into general inventory.
  • Orders with requests to hold inventory should come from an approved fabricator.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We’re confident this will make the hold process more expedient for all.

Do Archant Taps come with a warranty?

Yes, all Archant tapware products come with a five year limited warranty for peace of mind. This certifies the tap is free from defects in material or craftsmanship for five years of the product. This only applies to the original consumer and does not cover damage caused by everyday wear, misuse, or alteration.

Do I have to install an Isolator Filter Stop on my taps?

Strictly speaking yes. Our warranty states that failure to use an inline filter MAY void the warranty. The reason for this is because it is not a fault of the mixer if the plumber or installer has not flushed the lines first & removed any foreign particles e.g. copper fillings/PTFE tape etc. A lot of the time the installer will put in the mixer without flushing the lines, all of the fillings etc. will then get flushed into the cartridge. This is when the mixer will drip because you cannot then turn the mixer off properly due to filings getting caught.

How do I find out what water pressure my house has?

Look on the side of your hot water cylinder or simply turn the tap from hot to cold to see if the cold is much stronger than the hot. If so then you have unequal pressure and will require a tap suited to All Pressure.

What does the WELS (water efficiency label) mean as shown on your taps?

As of April 2011, most water-using appliances and many plumbing fittings are required to display a Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) label. The WELS label lets you identify products that use less water. It applies to washing machines, dishwashers, toilets, urinals, showers, and taps.
It displays two types of info: 

  1. A star rating that shows relative water efficiency for the same type of product. The more stars, the more water-efficient. Most products have a maximum of 6 stars; but in the short term, showers will have a maximum rating of 3.
  2. A water consumption or flow-rate figure of litres per minute for taps. The label for taps will also say if the product is designed for mains or low-pressure water systems.

For more information on WELS visit www.mfe.govt.nz/issues/water/wels-scheme

What is the difference between an All Pressure tap and a Mains Pressure tap?

Statistics show 60-65% of all NZ homes will have unequal water pressure. This means that they have the cold water coming in off the street at good water pressure but the hot water is fed through a low-pressure hot water cylinder. This creates unequal water pressure (high cold & low hot). Typically you will find this in homes that are over 10-15 years old. This sort of pressure system requires a tap suited to All Pressures as they have a special cartridge & hot flexi hose to allow more hot water thru. Mains pressure is generally found in new homes built within the last 10-15 years – the cold comes in off the street mains & the hot water is fed through a mains pressure hot water cylinder – this creates mains pressure on both hot & cold  - any tap can be used in this installation.

What is the purpose of an Isolator Filter Stop?

This item has 3 functions:

  1. It gives you the ability to turn your water off at the wall instead of having to go to the road & finding your mains
  2. On unequal water pressure, it allows you to turn the cold flow down so that it is closer to the hot water pressure
  3. It has an inbuilt filter to stop any foreign particles from coming thru the line & getting caught in the ceramic cartridges

What water pressure do I have?

The two most common systems are:

Unequal Pressure:
This is the most common system in New Zealand. A header tank or pressure reducing valve is usually used to supply low pressure water to the hot water cylinder.

How to recognise this system?

    Equal Mains Pressure:
    This system uses a special hot water cylinder which is fitted with a pressure limiting valve for safety.

    How to recognise this system?

      How often will my Schwan drinking water system need the filter replaced?

      Your Schwan filter cartridge needs to be replaced at least every 12 months. In some situations where there is a lot of sedimentation or chemicals in the water supply, it may be advisable for the filters to be replaced more frequently to avoid annoying slow water flow or chemical taste issues.

      I'm needing new parts or accessories for my Franke sink?

      If you purchased your Franke sink directly from Archant and require replacements parts or additional accessories, please call our Customer Service Team on 0800 272 4268 


      If your Franke sink is more than 2 years old, and/or was not purchased directly from Archant, you can obtain replacement parts or accessories here: https://www.franke.com/nz/en/ks/support/customer-service.html or, by calling their customer service team on 09 964 0400.

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