Marble Statuario B, Matte, 20mm

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Marble Statuario B, Matte, 20mm


With its regal grey veins winding their way across the surface of the sleek white base, this porcelain version of Marble Statuario imbues any kitchen with an elegant appeal. 
The marble finish is well suited to all kitchen styles from traditional to modern or contemporary as it has a timeless appeal. It can be easily mixed and matched with cabinetry and fittings in a range of colours. Statuario Marble A is available in a matte finish and in slabs of 3200mm x 1600mm x 20mm, 12mm and 6mm deep. 

Archant Porcelain by Florim is large format porcelain stoneware for decorative surfaces. Lightweight, versatile and with an extremely high aesthetic impact, Archant Porcelain opens up new frontiers in design environments, ensuring maximum freedom of expression. It restores new life to a material that is as beautiful as it is delicate. 
Archant Porcelain by Florim fears neither heat, stains nor colour changes and it is easy to maintain, both in the dark shades and in the most delicate colours. 

Composed of a natural blend of ceramic clays and mineral colourants, these porcelain slabs are made by unalterable porcelain stoneware, which is stain-proof, resistant to high-temperature and thermal stress, scratch-proof, totally water-proof, resistant to UV-rays, hygienic and easy to clean. Moreover, material quality, a focus on details, together with the technical performance, Archant Porcelain is a truly revolutionary surface developed for the most demanding of designs and applications.
Specification Notes:
Archant Porcelain manufactured by FLORIM

FLORIM ceramic products are the result of the most advanced production technologies combined with constant aesthetic research. With more than 50 years of experience, FLORIM has produced a truly advanced surface; only possible through combining Italian design and production with intense research and innovation to ‘anticipate the design needs of tomorrow’. These porcelain stoneware slabs will meet the widest variety of design needs and characterize the environments with a well-defined personality.


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