Schwan Versatap 3 in 1 - Hot/Cold Filtered Water System

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Schwan Versatap 3 in 1 - Hot/Cold Filtered Water System


Instant Hot filtered drinking water on tap! 
Archant releases the Schwan, the latest instant hot tap for discerning kitchen owners. 

Enjoy instant filtered boiling hot drinking water on tap-imagine the convenience of never waiting for the kettle to boil. The Schwan is perfect for coffee, tea, soups, noodles, blanching vegetables, food preparation and countless other uses in the kitchen. 

It is not recommended for commercial installations. (Maximum 6 staff only) It delivers up to 60 cups an hour of steaming hot filtered water adjustable up to 98°C tank temperature, making it the ideal addition to residential kitchens, and smaller workspaces kitchens and lunchrooms. 

With a pleasing array of features designed for convenience, efficiency, and safety, the stylish Schwan instant hot taps are rapidly proving popular with homeowners and specifiers all over the country.


  • Gooseneck
  • Chrome
  • High Capacity Hot/Cold Filtered Water
  • All pressures
  • 360
  • 2
  • 171
  • Stainless steel, Chrome
  • Schwan