Virginia, 3200x1550x20mm

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  • Description

    • Delicate strands of gold/browns are softly blurred against a background of white to create a refined, almost distinguished, aesthetic. Rustic in appeal, Virginia is cultivated and gracious, and brings to mind the kitchens of an age gone by where sumptuous meals were created. 

      The browns and golds are a seamless tonal match for timber cabinetry but can also be paired with more modern cabinets for an interesting yin-and-yang effect. Available in slabs of 3200mm x 1550mm and in 20mm thickness, Virginia is ideal for use when creating glamorous spaces were beauty and opulence abound.

  • Specifications

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      94% quartz, 5% resin, 1% colour
      Click here for detailed information on Care & Maintenance for Santamargherita stone 

      For more than 50 years Santamargherita has been transforming ordinary matter into extraordinary surfaces. As world ambassador of Made in Italy quality, Santamargherita guarantees its superior, 100% Original Italian Surface, as the ideal surface to decorate living spaces.