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Metropolis Steel, 3200x1550x20mm

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This product is available for purchase for Archant Approved Fabricators.
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  • Description

    • As the name suggests, Metropolis Steel embodies the essence of urbanisation with a light grey background that features strong patterns of swirling darker greys throughout. Reminiscent of the sky during a rain storm, the darker grey features are like clouds gathering overhead in a darkening sky – the calm before or after a storm. 

      A surface with so much implied movement is showcased best when paired with very simple, pared-back cabinetry in bold, stark colours that allow Metropolis Steel to draw attention. With its industrial overtones, Metropolis Steel is perfect for contemporary spaces and is available in a textured matte finish, in slabs of 3200mm x 1550mm and in 20mm thickness. 

      Each Metropolis Slab is unique. This product is made from natural materials and is subject to variations in colour, shade and grain structure. There may be a certain range of inconsistent variation, such as channels, dips, ridges, depressions and indentations. 

      The Metropolis Stone range comes in a Jumbo sheet size and has a usable area of 3200x1550mm. Please be advised that the unique characteristics of the Metropolis range include dips, hollows and rippling within the surface. These characteristics are more accentuated on the outer 100mm area of the sheets. If you don’t desire these characteristics on your Benchtop, we suggest you calculate your design around a usable slab size of 3000x1350mm.  

  • Specifications

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      Overall Dimensions
      Surface Weight
      94% quartz, 5% resin, 1% colour
      This textured finish can require more daily maintenance than polished surfaces, so for optimum cleanability, Archant highly recommends applying Lithofin Sealer prior to use. This prevents the build-up of moisture within the surface texture and reduces the appearance finger and water marks considerably. Lithofin Sealer needs to be applied by your benchtop fabricator, post the install clean. 

      For more information on Lithofin Sealer, click here    

      Click here for detailed information on Care & Maintenance for Santamargherita stone 

      For more than 50 years Santamargherita has been transforming ordinary matter into extraordinary surfaces. As world ambassador of Made in Italy quality, Santamargherita guarantees its superior, 100% Original Italian Surface, as the ideal surface to decorate living spaces.
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